Kajabi Quick Tips | How to add a line or divider section to your Kajabi page for section separation

Kajabi Tutorial | Adding a divider section in a Kajabi page


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Adding a full-width line to your pages?

Designing pages in Kajabi can sometimes be a challenge - especially if you'd like to do something you think would be simple, like adding a line across the page to break up or separate sections.

Kajabi pages don't have a pre-set section for a divider (emails do) so you have to make your own.

Luckily it's pretty simple, once you know what settings to adjust and in today's quick tip I'm going to show you how!



Today's KQT

Creating a Divider Section for a Kajabi Page

Open the page you'd like to add the line or divider section to - this can be done on any Encore page (not the Kajabi legacy pages).

Add a section to the page - choose custom section.



Rename your section - especially if it's a large page, so you can easily place it exactly where you want on the page.

Go into the Background settings and choose your colour.




Then go into the Desktop Layout.

Change the outside padding on top to 1 and all the others to zero. Then do the same thing for Mobile Layout.

Note: if you'd like a thicker line - increase the number 1 to your preferred line thickness.



You now have a divider section for your Kajabi page that you can move around and place where you'd like.

If you would like additional divider sections, set up the first one, then duplicate to create others.



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One Last Thing...

You can follow a similar process to add lines in your emails - although there is a handy "divider" section in emails to make it easier.

Remember to adjust the settings to your preference - I like the thin lines you can see in this email.

And always - check it on mobile to make sure it looks good there as well (that goes for pretty much everything in Kajabi and on websites in general though!)

Happy Tuesday 🥰

Cheers, Sue x
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