Kajabi Quick Tips | Updating your Transactional/System Emails in Kajabi Settings

Kajabi tutorial: Updating Your Transactional / System Emails


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Have you updated your system emails?

Kajabi has lots of different types of emails - including emails for marketing (sequences and broadcasts).

Plus emails for automation, events and the emails that are hidden away inside settings - the transactional emails AKA Kajabi system emails.

It's really easy to forget about these, as they often trigger when you don't even know they will (as you don't get any notification).

The default emails are kinda OK but are so much nicer if you update them to your brand voice, so it sounds more like you.

Unfortunately, you can't change things like colours, formatting or add images, but you can (and should) update the actual copy/content.

Let's go through how 👍

Today's KQT

Customising Kajabi transactional emails

To find these system emails go to settings, then find the area email templates.

Please note these are DIFFERENT templates to the ones in your marketing emails area (broadcasts and sequences).



You can then see all the available templates and which ones are set to Kajabi default and which ones you've customised.



Pick the template you'd like to edit - click on the pencil.


When updating - don't delete the code parts in curly brackets { like this

Look for the regular wording in between the code.

Don't forget to update the subject line too!



The code mixed with text can make it a bit tricky to work out what will actually show up.

Worst-case scenario if you delete things by accident, click on remove customization and it will put it back to the default.

You can preview it with each change (click preview in browser). A window will pop up that makes it MUCH easier to see how it will display (without all the code).

And once you're finished, send a test email to yourself, so you can see exactly what it will look like inside your email program (and on a mobile device!)



Click save, then move on to the next email you want to update!

You don't need to update every email in this template section, just the ones you're most likely to use in your business.

If you ever get (or have a client tell you about) an email you didn't know was sent - there is a pretty high chance it was one of these templates, triggered to send automatically.


Remember you can update things like -- "site title" (which will pull in the name of your Kajabi site from the settings) with plain text, just like a regular sign-off, to make it a bit more personal and "you" 👍🥰




Prefer to watch on video?

View this step-by-step Kajabi Quick Tip on video, if you'd prefer a start-to-finish screenshare tutorial.




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One Last Thing...

Even if you're a Kajabi pro, set a reminder for yourself to check back in, say quarterly, in case there are any new templates added that you may want to customise.

With new functionality - often comes new templates and unless you check in this email template section regularly for new ones - you'd never even know they were there!

Cheers, Sue x
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