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The NEW Kajabi Access. What you get with your Kajabi Access Membership and is it worth it?

Nov 08, 2020

Have you ever wished you could access the Kajabi code editor without moving up to Pro plan?

Perhaps you'd like to add a few more pipelines, products - or even an extra website in your Kajabi account, but you're not ready to upgrade to the next level?

Or you'd like some extra support and 1:1 help with Kajabi?

If all of that sounds great, then you might just LOVE the new Kajabi Access membership program.

Kajabi Access offers brand new resources, services, and one-on-one guidance to help you maximize Kajabi's platform for your success.

Designed for Kajabi creators who want some extra hand-holding and help with setting up and learning Kajabi OR some great extra perks, this optional extra is great value at just $99 per month, as an add on to any new or existing Kajabi plan.

Just a heads up

Blog Posts from at The Unicorn Advisory may contain affiliate links, but I’m a no bullshit affiliate kinda gal, as you can read about in my affiliate disclaimer.

I only share products and services we use and love and would recommend, if there was affiliate program or not.

The few $$ we make from affiliate income, costs you absolutely nothing and goes straight to our family holiday fund ✈️ so my kids and I thank you 💗

What is Kajabi Access?

Kajabi Access launched late October 2020 in celebration of Kajabi's 10th birthday, with the aim to maximise your success on the Kajabi platform.

It's a monthly membership, aligned with your Kajabi plan, that comes with multiple benefits to help you make the most of Kajabi. 

Kajabi Access enables you to better grow and scale your digital business by offering personalised guidance, enhanced support and more Kajabi features + benefits.

What do you get with Kajabi Access?


Kajabi access members get double the number of products, sites, emails + EVERYTHING else!

If you're on the basic plan, it may be better value to move to the growth plan than to get access to increase your quotas, but if you're on growth or pro, this is exceptional value!

If you're on the growth plan, instead of 25k subscribers, you get 50k, instead of 15 products, you get 30 products.

If you want to use Kajabi to run an extra website, getting access will also make great sense on any plan, as you can add an extra site to your plan AND share your double quota for products, pipelines and subscribers across both sites.


One of the great benefits of Kajabi Access is the six 1:1 training sessions you get each year. These 45-minute sessions give you the opportunity to jump in with an expert from the Kajabi Customer Success team to help you.

You can schedule your 6 calls at a time that suits you, just note that if you have a monthly membership, rather than annual, you get 1 session credit allocated every 2 months.

Your Kajabi Customer Success Manager can help you optimise the platform to the fullest and give guidance based on your unique business. Whether you're just starting out or want some advanced assistance, this personalised Kajabi assistance will make a huge difference for you.


The Kajabi Customer Success team are also available to you each week in the Hero Hub, an exclusive support area for Kajabi Access members.

Office hours will be hosted 8 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 5 pm Pacific time and may change over time due to demand. FYI - if you're in Australia, 1pm Pacific is 8am Sydney time, so plan for morning drop-ins. 

You can chat with the success team and other Kajabi heroes, asking questions about strategy or other aspects of Kajabi use.


Normally if you want to access the custom code editor in Kajabi to add extra CSS or other code to your pages (to do things like loading your own fonts) you'd have to be on the pro plan.

I'm not a big fan of using code on Kajabi or any sites really (I'm probably a little scared of breaking something, to be honest), however, I know lots of people who'd love to use code, but don't want to upgrade to pro to be able to do it!

Opening the code editor up to all plans will make custom coding a lot more accessible and it will allow more users to do some funky customisation with your site and pages.

With Kajabi Access you get full access to the Code Editor, no matter which plan you're on.


As a fully-fledged Kajabi nerd, this early bird access feature appeals to me a lot!

As a Kajabi Access member, you get early access to new Kajabi feature launches so you can try them out before anyone else. You'll have opportunities to beta test new features and provide feedback. 

Kajabi is currently rolling out changes and updates in six-week cycles, so expect a lot of improvements and new features to be released - with you at the front of the line to get them!

The cost of Kajabi Access?

Kajabi Access is only available as an add on to a Kajabi account, not as a standalone product - which makes sense, as you need to be using Kajabi to make the most of it.

The cost is $99 per month on top of your Kajabi plan.

You can opt for monthly or annual payment, but you won't save on access purchasing annually - only the cost of Kajabi itself. 

If you pay for Kajabi monthly, you'll pay for Kajabi Access monthly.

If you pay for Kajabi annually (saving 20%) you'll pay for Kajabi Access annually (note there is no discount on Kajabi Access - it is still $99 a month, even on an annual plan).

If you already have a Kajabi plan, you can add Kajabi Access to your plan whenever you'd like. Bear in mind, it will restart your plan date - so if you currently pay monthly on the 7th of the month, but join Kajabi Access on the 15th of the month, your new renewal date will be the 15th of each month and your subscription will be adjusted pro-rata accordingly.

You can upgrade in the settings > account area of your Kajabi site. 

Is there a free trial for Kajabi Access?

If you're starting a new Kajabi account, you can try Kajabi Access - even during your trial period, which is a brilliant way to try everything out and get all the perks.

By the way, you can start a FREE 14 day Kajabi trial here with a huge Unicorn Advisory bonus pack to help you get set up, including 2 x free 30 minute calls with Unicorn Advisory Kajabi expert and Online Business Strategist, Sue McLachlan.

The only Kajabi Access feature you don't get during your free trial is your 1:1 Customer Success calls, those come after you've moved to a paid - 6 calls for an annual membership and 1 call every 2 months for a monthly membership.

There is no Kajabi Access free trial available if you're already using Kajabi. 

Is this similar to Unicorn Heroes membership?

Here at the Unicorn Advisory, we have our own awesome Kajabi support membership, Unicorn Heroes which has a few similarities to Kajabi Access.

For just $27 a month, you can get Q&A support from Sue and team unicorn in our private Facebook group. You can access to a huge (and growing) range of Kajabi tutorials and training, plus exclusive Unicorn Heroes Kajabi page templates for you to use on your Kajabi site.   

Unicorn Heroes is a great way to get Kajabi support from Kajabi experts and ask as many questions as you like for a cheaper price than Kajabi Access. Unicorn Heroes might be perfect for you, if you just want support and don't need some of the other Access perks like the code editor, early access to Kajabi new features or doubling your quotas. 

Other Questions about Kajabi Access?

Can you join just for 1 month?

Yes, but your membership is tied to your Kajabi subscription, so if you're paying for Kajabi annually, you'll pay for Kajabi Access annually. If you're paying for Kajabi monthly, you can join for as many months as you need. Bear in mind that your 1:1 support calls will be available at one call every 2 months, you can't get all six calls in a month, then cancel.

When do the 1:1 Call Credits cancel?

Call Credits will expire one year after being issued, so you have a full year to use them. 

Can your other team members access the support calls?

Yes, anyone who is an admin on your Kajabi account, can book a support call with the Kajabi team, using your call credits.

How long is each 1:1 support call?

The Kajabi Access support calls are 45 minutes long and can be booked through your Kajabi site, in the Access hub.

Can you downgrade your account and cancel access?

Yes, just contact Kajabi team via email [email protected] and you can revert to a regular Kajabi account. If you have created extra products or pipelines that will take you over your regular quota, just let them team know which ones you'd like to keep.

Is Kajabi Access Worth It?

If you'd like extra help and support with Kajabi AND the benefit of additional products (or even an extra site) Kajabi Access makes a lot of sense. 


What do you think of Kajabi Access? Is it something that would help you with getting Kajabi set up and making the most of the platform?


Sue x

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