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Kajabi Tutorial How to Update Call To Action (CTA) Button Text on Kajabi Checkouts


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Up until now, "Complete my purchase" (see below) was the only option for the text on your Kajabicheckout page buttons.

But not anymore! 🙌

This week Kajabi released a labs update and it's now finally possible to update the text to whatever you'd like! (and it's much clearer to see how to change the colour of that button)



To enable this on your Kajabi checkouts, step 1 is to turn it on in Labs. Get to labs by going to settings down the bottom of the left-hand menu


Then find Labs in the options and click into it.



Labs is where new Kajabi features are released on a limited basis, before being rolled out to all Kajabi users. To access any Labs feature, you just need to turn it on (and you can turn it off again if you don't like it or want to keep using it).


To change the text on your checkout CTA, find the "Customize Checkout CTA Button Text" option in the list of Labs options and turn it on using the toggle.



Once you've done that, you can go to any offer in the sales area and make the changes on your checkouts.

NOTE: There is no option for a global change just yet - you will need to do each checkout you want to adjust manually one by one.


Once you are in the offer, click on edit checkout. When you're in the checkout editing area for the offer, go to design section:



Then (if you've activated it in Labs) you'll see these new options to update the action button colour (handy - it was confusing before with the option saying Primary colour!) and then you can change the text itself - change it to whatever you'd like!

Press save to see the changes on your checkout.



You could change it to something like:

  • Sign me up
  • I want to start now!
  • Get Instant Access
  • Buy it now
  • Join The Community
  • Claim this Exclusive Offer
  • Start Today and Save 30%
  • Start Your First Lesson Now
  • Unlock My Learning Adventure
  • YES! I want to Enroll now

(or "Enrol" for many of us 😉 this quirk of spelling is why I often use the word Join rather than Enrol 🫠)

For a workshop:

  • Register Now
  • Save Your Seat
  • Secure Your Place
  • Claim Your Spot - Register Here
  • Sign Up Here
  • Join Us For An Inspiring Workshop

For offers with codes (for example a free offer from a bundle or summit):

  • Redeem My Code
  • Claim My Discount
  • Get My Free Gift
  • Start Your Free Membership


For free offers (or trials)

  • Try it Free
  • Start Your Free 14 Day Trial
  • Start Now
  • Unlock Your Free Trial
  • Unlock a Month of Learning, FREE!
  • Experience Our Community for Free
  • Explore with a 14 day Free Trial

For digital products like templates:

  • Access My Premium Templates
  • Save Time With Templates
  • Download Templates Instantly


And that's it! A simple and quick way to change the text on your CTA button, no more having to play with scary code, just make the update in the settings, press save and you'll be able to easily see your new button text.



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One Last Thing

Sometimes you'll get lucky and see new Labs features announced in the Kajabi FB group, but more often it's a happy accidental discovery.

Perhaps set a reminder on your calendar for say 9am every Monday or even once a month, to remind you to check in the Labs area (under settings) and see if there are any cool new Kajabi features to try out.

Cheers, Sue x
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