Kajabi Quick Tip | How to Automatically Send a Check in Email at The End of Each Course Module

Kajabi tutorial: Automatically Send a Check in Email at The End of Each Course Module


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How to check in with students doing on-demand courses?

On-demand online courses are a fantastic way for students to learn skills at their own pace.

But without live feedback and check-ins, they may not have the completion rate you'd like (which means students potentially not getting the desired outcome!)

Luckily Kajabi has great automation tools you can use to check in with your students automatically as they progress through your course or training.

Set it up once and Kajabi will check in with every student for you, freeing up your time AND providing encouraging touch points for your students.

It works best for a course that will be taken from start to finish, but if you've got membership content you think this would work well for - it's exactly the same process.


Today's KQT

Creating automated check-in emails in courses/memberships.

We're going to set up an automation to automatically send an email at the end of each module.

Go to the course area and click into the last lesson in your module


Click into that lesson to edit, then go to the last section: Automations.

Click on add automation.



The automation you want to choose is:

When lesson is completed > Send an email.

Choose the option: To the person

Then write an email offering congrats for how far they've come.

Ask how they are doing with the work.

Remind them about any important steps they need to have completed before going to the next module.


Lastly let them know it's time to move to the next stage of the course.

You can add gifs or graphics if you like to add fun and excitement!



A personal check-in like this at the end of each module will help support your student and guide them through your program. It also helps them know they aren't alone and can encourage them to keep on working through.

Is this something you've implemented (or will implement in your programs?)

The best thing is - write the emails once and Kajabi will do all the work for you! I love automations 😍



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