Heartbeat Community App Review and Walkthrough | Is It Better Than Circle or Kajabi Community?

Heartbeat Community App Review and Walkthrough to discover is it better than other community apps

The Heartbeat app is a new kid on the community software block and I've got to say, I'm impressed!

Run a membership or need to support students of your online courses or workshops? Heartbeat.chat could be the best alternative to Facebook Groups and other apps like Circle, Mighty Networks, Slack, Discord or perhaps even the Kajabi Community product.

I'll walk you through my first impressions and layout of the app in a test account, so you can see the fantastic onboarding experience and how the Heartbeat community app could help you achieve engaged happy members within your community.

I love the features like an always-on video/voice chat room, so you can invite your community to chat Clubhouse style.

The Heartbeat event feature is fantastic and will save us from getting AddEvent for better calendar/coaching call reminder functionality. Heartbeat handles that AND all other aspects of building a great community as well.

💥By the way, right now (not sure how long this will last) you can get Heartbeat on Appsumo - which means a LIFETIME LICENSE for just $69 (yay!) 

Personally, I've gone for the unlimited option for $149, as I see huge potential with this app and will likely transition our Facebook Groups over to Heartbeat over the next month or so.

Grateful to have this opportunity to get a lifetime license, as another monthly subscription (added to the plethora we already have) is not something I want right now.

And I'm still holding out hope that Kajabi might fix/improve the lackluster community product one day, right now we are still using Facebook Groups instead of Kajabi community, so Heartbeat is going to be a fantastic alternative to FB for right now. 

Bye bye Zuckerberg! 

What we use long term for community, will depend on how Kajabi and Heartbeat develop over the next few years.

Watch the video walkthrough I did recently with some of the Unicorn Heroes community, to get all the details on why I'm so impressed by Heartbeat.


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