Kajabi Quick Tip Tutorial: How to Copy a lesson from one Kajabi course to another - quick + easy

kajabi tutorial - how to copy a lesson from one course to another

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Copying Your Kajabi Lessons (the easy way!)

Ever wondered how you can take a lesson that's in one Kajabi course or membership and put it into another (without having to cut and paste and redo everything? 😩)

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a quick and easy little trick that will save you time, make your life a whole lot easier AND keep your content consistent across multiple courses. So, instead of tediously recreating the same lesson over and over again, I'll show you how to quickly duplicate it and transfer it to another course in just a few clicks.

Maybe you have a resources section that is the same on every course (or mostly the same) and you want to copy those lessons, rather than make them from scratch every time?

It's also perfect if you're breaking up a course into smaller courses, or pulling out helpful content from your membership to sell as a course or low ticket offer.

Whether you're a seasoned Kajabi pro or just getting started, this tip will simplify and streamline your course creation process.

And don't worry, no advanced coding skills are required!


Step 1

Note the specific name of the lesson and which product it is in (and which module it is in). This is especially helpful if you have a lot of products, or your course has a lot of content, as you'll be finding the lesson you need, in a dropdown list of every lesson from every product. Don't worry about this step if you only have 1 or 2 products or your products don't have a lot of content.


Step 2

Go to your NEW product and navigate to the module you want to copy the lesson into. You will need to copy the lessons one by one. Click on add content (in the module - not the button at the top of your course)


Step 3

Choose the "import from another course" option. Choose the course, module and lesson (or quiz) you want to import into your new course. Click import.


Step 4

Kajabi will then bring over that lesson content, including the video, downloads, thumbnail etc. As this is a copy, you can then make any updates or changes to the text in the lesson to suit your new course.


It's as simple as that!

Repeat the process for all the lessons you'd like to bring into your new course.


NOTE: If you have a course with a lot of the same content, it may be easier for you to duplicate the entire course, and then delete what you don't want. You do need to delete lessons one by one (you can't delete an entire module) so only do it this way if there is a lot of similar content OR you want to copy over all the branding/colour/theme settings as well.



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