Kajabi Quick Tips | An easy fix for random spacing issues on Kajabi pages and emails

Kajabi tutorial | How to fix random spaces in Kajabi pages and emails


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Are random spaces in your text frustrating you?

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, random spaces appear in your text when you preview your Kajabi page or email 😠

BUT you can't see why it is happening as it looks fine in the text box!

You might have a case of the   😱

So often when my text won't line up correctly or random extra spaces appear, if I go into the source code for the text box, I see this strange   code in the middle of the text.

I used to be scared of the source code box when I first started on Kajabi in case I broke anything, but you don't need to worry! You can just delete those random   bits of code and everything will be fine!

Let me show you how 👍


Today's KQT

A simple fix to random spacing issues.

Have you experienced text not looking the same on the live preview as it does in the text box?

Perhaps spacing doesn't quite work and you tear your hair out trying to fix it and get things to line up?

Today's extra quick Kajabi Quick Tip is for you!

Find the offending text box and click on the source code area - which is the button that looks like < > in the top left-hand corner.


When you're in the source code, look for


in the middle of your sentences - and simply delete it!

It may also show up in other places in the source code as well - something like:


You can just delete that whole line as well including the triangle brackets.

Don't be scared of deleting the &nbsp; from the middle of your sentences either, it won't do anything bad and probably shouldn't be there anyway. Just remember to get all of the code:

including the & at the start and the ; at the end.

You may need to add a space between the words afterwards.



These random spaces can often appear when you have copied and pasted the content from another site or a doc.

I'll do a tip soon to show how to avoid getting random code coming from other places - especially if you copy and paste from google docs as it can look fine in the text box, but display horribly on screen - especially in emails!

The &nbsp; code also just seem to randomly appear sometimes.

Not sure why, but luckily these pesky &nbsp; thingos are easy to get rid of!



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One Last Thing...

Whilst the &nbsp; is a common issue and easy to fix by deleting those instances from the text box source code, sometimes it could be other issues not causing your text to line up - especially if you're using multiple text boxes or feature blocks next to each other on a page.

Just check that you have your section settings in desktop layout > vertical alignment are set to top (see below).

This helps when your text or feature blocks are different lengths because the amount of text is different in each.

Bonus tip for you today!

Have a beautiful day 🥰



Cheers, Sue x
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