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Creating a quiz with Kajabi? Do you need to use Interact or can you use Kajabi Assessments?

If you want to create a quiz for lead generation and you use Kajabi, you've probably wondered how you can do it AND how you can make a Kajabi quiz look good.

There is the option to use the Kajabi assessment tool as a quiz workaround, but many Kajabi users find it a little basic, especially as you can't change the grey background.

Never fear, there are some workarounds to making Kajabi assessments look good (well better). In this video, I show you ways to easily spice up your Kajabi assessments to make them look more visually appealing.

Plus I show you how to tag your quiz takers so you can segment your leads and show them customised results.

TryInteract is going to give you more customisation, but watch this video to see if Kajabi will get you close enough.

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