How to Use Kajabi's Affiliate Center to Make More Sales

In this video, we're going to have a look at affiliates. It is a practical way that you can get other people to promote your products for you. And it's a win-win for all they can commission. You can get in front of audiences that aren't your own and make more sales.

No more giving money to Google and Facebook ads and all those other channels, you can kind of keep it in a nice, a little closed circle. And if you know people that have got audiences that are in alignment with your own, then there may be lots of awesome affiliate opportunities out there.

Basically you give someone a Special link, It tracks against this special link when someone clicks on it. And if that person goes on to buy, you get a new student and the person who's recommended your product gets a commission. It's an awesome system and Kajabi makes it really easy.

I'm going to go through in this video how you can set up an affiliate program and perhaps start earning some commissions for yourself. If creating an affiliate program through Kajabi is on your list of to-do’s then watch the video below and I will show you how!



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