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How do you find the best Kajabi trial, discount or promo offer?

When you first get started with a new business, it's pretty common to have a strict budget, especially if you're bootstrapping and starting from scratch!

It is no surprise that you do have to spend a little money to make money, even with the relatively low costs of running an internet-based business.

Starting an online course or membership business is one of the most inexpensive ways to create an income for yourself for sure. BUT you do need some tech to make it all happen and deliver (and sell) your program.

Where most people start with online course tech - the combo.

When I first started out with my first online course in 2016, I just had a sales page on my Squarespace site and was going to deliver the training videos on Youtube or maybe a google drive folder - very basic! I didn't think about that not being a great experience for the student.

I also used Mailchimp for email marketing - even though I never actually sent a single email, because imposter syndrome stopped me in my tracks and that course never got released.

When I finally kicked my own course creating butt into gear at the start of 2019 was a combo of Teachable + Squarespace + Convert Kit.

I already created my website on Squarespace as I'd been using it for years, Convert Kit seemed to be the best option for email for a small business (if you're using standalone email - I do recommend it) and then through research, I decided to use Teachable to sell my course.

When I was researching course software options, I came across Kajabi, but I thought it was too expensive, (and I already had a website and email marketing software) so opted for my combo plan. All up it was $94 a month.

I felt quite proud of myself for saving $55 a month over using Kajabi, I admit, I'm a tightarse.

And when you're running a lean start-up - costs add up.

$55 is $55 right?

However, my $39 a month basic teachable plan came with some pretty significant drawbacks, so I quickly needed to upgrade to the $99 a month plan (which now costs $119 a month).

And then I wanted to add video hosting to my Squarespace site, so I could run evergreen webinars. So another $99 a month for Wistia.

Then Squarespace updated and I found it difficult to make good-looking sales pages and landing pages (and Teachable's sales page builder was woeful), so I got a trial of LeadPages to try that. Another $69 a month.

All of a sudden my "cheap" solution was not cheap at all - in fact far more expensive than Kajabi (and as my email list grew my costs would rise further!)

On top of that, I had all these complicated integrations and platforms and logins everywhere, so I constantly felt overwhelmed! Lots of different systems to learn took up a lot of brain space.

All so I could save $55 a month (which I only saved for maybe 2 months, as when I changed plan with teachable, it actually cost me more.)

Then I had the fortune of re-discovering Kajabi. Thank goodness!

As they say, I've never looked back!

Best Option - All In One Software

One of the greatest moves we made in our business was moving everything over to Kajabi. Not just for the cost savings (Wistia is actually included with Kajabi for free) but for the awesomeness that is Kajabi 😍

Once I gave it a proper try (and got past the first couple of days of being frustrated it didn't work like Squarespace or Teachable haha) I realised how awesome Kajabi is and finally understood why so many people rave about it so much!

There is a reason so many big (multi-million dollar) course creators use and love Kajabi for their programs! 

Yes, the platform comes with a larger price tag than cobbling together other software, but it is totally worth it and when you work it out, you may find that you don't even save that much - or it could even cost you more having lots of different software.

At the end of the day - as entrepreneurs in 2021, the costs to run a business are a DREAM compared to running a brick + mortar business!

The fact that you can run an entire business - that could make 6 or 7 figures on software that costs less than a couple of hundred bucks a month always amazes me. I used to pay more each week just for the utilities in my office and warehouse for my previous e-commerce business!

Using an all-in-one system, rather than multiple different bits of software means you won't need to be creating frustrated energy you’ve spent fixing tech problems. You can focus your energy on growing your business.

So, after reading all that, you might be keen to try Kajabi out and see if you might like it too?

But what is the best way to try out Kajabi and get the most bang for your buck?

Normally Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial. It's a great way to play around with the software and see if you like it, without anything upfront - zero risk.

During that 14 days, you can do almost everything you can do on a paid plan - including creating and selling a product. So you could aim to make create a digital product and sell it to offset the costs of the software.

Kajabi occasionally offers even more enticing promotions, such as an extended free trial. In 2021 I've seen 45 days and 30 days with a $100 cash back on your first month's charge if you created a product in your trial.

Normally these deals don't last long, so it's a good idea to act when you can if you see a Kajabi offer.

One thing you don't typically see from Kajabi is a sale.

Until now that is (lucky you!)

From July 8 - July 26 you can get three months of Kajabi for just $99! Any plan - even the pro plan which allows multiple sites, is included in this promotion.

It's not a free trial, but it is a WOW trial - you could save over $1000!

This is a pretty amazing deal and I highly recommend if you've been thinking about getting started, wanting to compare other software or you're ready to make the move, now is the time to do it!


So right now is the best time to try Kajabi, but is there a way to make your trial even better?

Oh yes, there is!

You can look for Kajabi partners who offer free bonuses when you sign up through them!

As an affiliate marketer and proud Kajabi Diamond partner, we offer some pretty awesome bonuses - maybe even the very best Kajabi trial bonus!

I adore Kajabi and I talk about it every chance I get because I 100% believe in the software and the company and how it can help you run your entire business from one platform - simplifying things and helping you get from idea to income quickly!

If I could choose JUST ONE software (which is very hard to think about as a software lover) it would be Kajabi, I'd make that choice in a split second, you can run your entire business with it!

But sometimes, because you can do so much with it, the tech and all the setup can be a little overwhelming. This is why we offer bonuses to help support you in getting Kajabi set up and making you money! I want to see your business succeed!

You can check out the full details of our Kajabi partner bonuses here, but basically, we like to give options, so you can choose between an hour 1:1 call with me - your online course creation unicorn and resident Kajabi nerd. OR access to our Kajabi 101 Quick Start course with step-by-step instructions to getting set up in 7 days. 

Plus, every Kajabi trial through us comes with 12 months of access to our Kajabi tech support hub, Unicorn Heroes

All of this is worth over $700! There isn't a better way to join Kajabi than to join with us! 

Getting a partner bonus is like supercharging your Kajabi trial, so don't miss out on the opportunity to get these free extras!

If you're trying to get the best bang for your buck, getting Kajabi through a partner is 100% the way to go (and it won't cost you anything extra).


So what exactly can you do with Kajabi?

Kajabi combines just about everything you need for your online business, giving you the perfect all-in-one hub. This makes it so easy to get your business online, and selling! 

What does Kajabi do to support you?

No other software comes close to what Kajabi offers: More ways to monetize your knowledge than any other platform (courses, memberships, coaching, and more), plus a full suite of marketing, sales, and analytics tools to help you grow.


So how do you get started?

Click the link on our partner page to start your 30-day free trial.

Once you're signed up, you will get access to Kajabi and you can add your brand info (colours, logo, etc) then start setting up! If you get Kajabi 101 Quick Start, you'll get guided through the process.

Kajabi also has an amazing help library. AND if you opt for Growth or Pro plans, you'll get 24-hour live chat support and access to Kajabi University.

PLUS Kajabi gives you a 45-minute onboarding call with a Kajabi team member.

Get started with Kajabi now, I know you'll love it 🤩



PS: During July, I did daily Kajabi training/workshops in our free Facebook Group - Cash In With Kajabi, please join me in the group and access the free Kajabi training plus you can learn how to make the most of this amazing software!

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