Best AppSumo deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022 | Lifetime Software Licenses

AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2022

Being a digital product creator comes with many perks 🙌

It’s MUCH cheaper to start a digital business than a product-based or in-person business.

While overheads are low - software subscriptions are often the most significant monthly expense for most entrepreneurs, and it can really add up even with all the amazing Black Friday deals on offer.

That is one of the reasons I love AppSumo so much!

Lifetime software licenses 😍

Pay for software once, and never pay again.

It’s brilliant!

I’ve picked up so many awesome things from AppSumo over the years and almost all of them have well and truly paid for themselves and then some!

What's even better is the AppSumo Black Friday sale, because you can save an additional 10% on almost everything in store, if you spend over $150.

PLUS some great favourites are back just for Black Friday.

(and if you’re an AppSumo Plus member, not only do you get a selection of FREE software worth over $145, and plus member exclusive offers you get EXTRA 10% off every purchase for a year! ie a double Black Friday discount 🙌)



Just a heads up

Blog Posts from at The Unicorn Advisory may contain affiliate links, but I’m a no bullshit affiliate kinda gal, as you can read about in my affiliate disclaimer.

I only share products and services we use and love and would recommend, if there was affiliate program or not.

The few $$ we make from affiliate income, costs you absolutely nothing and goes straight to our family holiday fund ✈️ so my kids and I thank you 💗


AppSumo is like Kickstarter for software companies.

Each software company offers massively discounted prices to AppSumo customers, which enables them to get a solid base of users and income to improve and grow their business. It’s a bit like when digital product creators do a founding members launch for a new course or membership.

Some of the software I’ve picked up on a lifetime license for under $100, now costs new users $50+ every month! I've seriously saved thousands of dollars!

And thankfully, almost everything is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you use something and you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.

I’ve returned a few things and the funds are always back in my PayPal in minutes, no hassle at all. It's absolutely worth trying things out to see if you like them.


Black Friday AppSumo Sale

If you spend $150 on BF sale products you'll get 10% off everything WOOO! Most software is around the $39-$69 price range (for a lifetime license), so you'll need to get a few things to score the discount.

Here are some of my favourite AppSumo purchases that are still available now (or have come back just for the Black Friday sale) so you can hit the $150 and save 10%.



Group Collector

If you run a Facebook Group, Group Collector is so helpful to capture the information in your welcome questions.

As you may know - once you accept someone into your group, the answers to their questions are gone forever. Group Collector puts it all on a spreadsheet so you can easily refer back to it (and if one of your questions is about getting a free lead magnet or subscribing to your list, you’ll easily have their details).

Buy Here


Wiser Notify

You know those little boxes that pop up in the corner of your website and say "Sue just purchased this awesome product?"

Those pop-ups are fantastic for social proof, so you make more sales and you can easily add the pop-up to your website (even Kajabi).

Wiser Notify is back just for Black Friday so don’t miss out!

Buy Here



Tru Conversion

Being able to see exactly what people do on your website pages - which buttons or images they click on, how far down the page they go before leaving, gives you empowering information!

If one particular FAQ gets way more clicks than others or you discover people don’t even get to the signup section before leaving, means you know exactly what to adjust rather than just guessing.

This one is back just for Black Friday.

Buy Here


There are a few great AI writing tools on AppSumo like Word Hero, Wordplay, and Creaitor.ai, but one that we’ve tried and loved is Bramework.

If you’re wanting to add SEO-friendly blog posts to your site without it taking hours (or days!) Bramework is the tool you need to speed up the writing process AND make sure your content will rank well on google.

Buy Here


I have purchased this as a replacement for Paperform and Google Forms (maybe even Interact), but not yet had a chance to play around with it. At first glance, it looks exciting!

Formaloo features branded and designed questionnaires (with jump logic - the next question depends on how someone answered the previous question). And it all embeds nicely on your website too.

Hopefully, Kajabi will update their assessment tool at some stage to be more like Formaloo 😉

Buy Here



11sight can replace zoom for client or team meetings AND allows you to put a video or audio chat pop-up on your website, for one low cost!

Use your encrypted e-link to receive video and audio calls straight from any browser, email, social media profile or post, or anywhere on the web. No app downloads required.

Buy Here

Most of the other things I’ve purchased in the last 12 months on AppSumo are no longer available, as the deals are only on the site for a limited time. But, because the deals keep changing and new things get added all the time, I keep discovering more and more cool software.

As a bit of an AppSumo tragic 😆 I have a big wish list right now, so I'm also sharing some things I'm currently looking at and may take advantage of purchasing during the sale, in case they interest you too.

By the way - the 10% off Black Friday sale goes until noon Tuesday 29th November, but some deals may expire before then.


Kajabi’s blogs are great, but it doesn’t have the ability to add cool feature blocks, which is where something like affiliatable comes in.

It allows you to create stunning comparison tables and product boxes that convert, which you can embed into your website, making your blogs (on any platform) look more professional and enticing.

Buy Here


Another thing on my wishlist/already in my cart is a canned reply app that our whole team can use across multiple different apps.

Set up your responses once and save time forever!

Typedesk can be used in Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and across web browsers via a chrome and firefox extensions.

Buy Here




Sending sensitive information is sometimes a big challenge and with data breaches becoming common keeping your private information private can be difficult, especially when you need to share it with someone else.

Thankfully Inprivy lets you easily and securely share info via a secure link. After a certain date or number of opens, the information disappears without a trace.

Buy Here



If you’re using affiliate links or just want to make your own links short and sweet AND be able to track the click analytics, pxl.to is perfect!

Plus you can generate QR codes with those links and track clicks on those too.

Buy Here



Switchy is not just a fabulous link shortener, it allows you to customise the preview image and text for socials (even if the link isn’t to your own site!) Plus you can also retarget those who’ve clicked on links to your own and third-party sites!

Linko is another great option, but with unlimited link clicks.

Buy Here



You may know by now if you've been around the Unicorn World that email marketing is one of (if not THE) best ways to market your online business.

To use email marketing, you'll need email marketing software. If you're using Kajabi it's all included, but if you're just starting out SendFox is a cost-effective program with its one-time fee (and Tier 1 access is FREE for AppSumo Plus members)

Buy Here



Streamline your coaching or consulting bookings and forget the hassle of "does 2 pm work for you? No how about next Wednesday at midday? What time zone are you in again?"

Automated your scheduling with TidyCal for just $29 and never pay monthly for software again. You can even take payments in the app!

Buy Here



I’m a big fan of Deadline Funnel for creating evergreen sales funnels that show individualised countdown timers in emails and on web pages (by the way, Deadline Funnel has a spectacular BF deal right now).

But if that’s out of your budget, another great simpler option is Mailtimer. You can use this app to create branded eye-catching countdown timers, that start when your email is sent or a link is clicked (or you can map to a specific date/time).

Buy Here



If you do a lot of client calls or group coaching calls on zoom, the whole downloading of the video, getting a transcript, and summarising can take a lot of time. But not anymore!

Noota is a bit of a backup purchase, as we currently use and love fathom.video which is free and works similarly. BUT fathom probably won't be free forever, no doubt it will have a monthly charge at some stage and Noota is a one-time purchase, never pay again.

Buy Here



This is something fun on my wishlist, to save the time and hassle of collecting email receipts. Wellybox scans your inbox and collates any receipt or invoice emails together into one easy download. I can see this saving a lot of time every month!

Buy Here



If you'd like branded, customised GDPR-compliant cookie banners without worrying about paying a monthly fee (or your free software not working anymore), Mandatly is what you need.

Buy Here



Monitor YouTube trends and keyword volume sorted by topics to determine highest-performing content for your ideal audience.

Use the video monitoring tool to track valuable stats from your competitors by looking at views and KPIs.

Biteplay also includes a topic tracker, which can send you daily alerts about trending videos to help you tailor your future content.

Buy Here



Last but not least… time to fess up. Do you tend to have loads of browser windows open, but you’re loath to close them in case you forget what it was open for?

OR do you wish your bookmarks were more easily accessible?

TabExtend is an elegant solution for organising your tabs and boosting productivity! Put tabs into kanban board style groups and folders to quickly and easily organise. Plus if you stack two or more codes your whole team can use and collaborate.

This one is already in my cart!

Buy Here


Have you purchased anything from AppSumo lately that you’ve loved (please share and let me know what it is!) Or is there anything on your wishlist right now?

I can't wait to hear about it 😍

(and if you're an AppSumo tragic like me - let me know. I think I may have to start a support group 😊😆)


Sue x

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