Order Bumps and Upsells in Kajabi

Order bumps and upsells are an amazing way to increase the profitability of your business. There's a bit of work and setting them up, but once they're in place, you'll be able to offer more money and profits to your customers.

Every single time, someone places an order, you have the opportunity to offer them an order bump or an upsell. And if you've seen those $27 and $37 ads all over Facebook and Instagram, you know that they're an amazing way to make money.

A lot of times people are using those as a kind of entry-level and they'll actually become profitable through the order bumps and upsells that you can offer.

If you've ever seen low-cost product ads on Facebook and Instagram, you know that they often offer something to buy in addition to the advertised product. These ads work because people are often hesitant to buy a product at its regular price, so they'll buy it at a discounted price first.

You can make an endless amount of extra income with any order bump or upsell that you test out. Pulling your audience in at a lower ticket offer, and then giving them a chance to get to know you and your business a bit more will very often lead to a more expensive purchase that day or shortly into the future.


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