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10 brilliant ways you can get help with Kajabi for FREE!

My Kajabi nerdery is something I'm often teased about, probably because I am a little Kajabi obsessed 😂, but that nerdery and my Kajabi expert ninja skills are always appreciated by my clients and students!

I mean how can you not adore software that you can use to run your entire digital product business from email marketing to affiliates to funnels and checkouts (that saves you money and hassle from integrating different software to do each of those things).

But this powerful and awesome software I love so much does take time to learn and can be a little overwhelming when you first start using it, because of how comprehensive it is - especially if you're also new to online business and course creation.

Sometimes you could even get to the "argghhh I want to smash my computer" point of frustration as you navigate the unknown...

Once you understand it, things are very different (you may even end up loving it as much as me!) but it can take a little time (and learning) before you get to that point.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can get Kajabi help, for FREE and I'm detailing 10 of these below.

If you're new to Kajabi or thinking of trying it out this year, save this email so you can come back to this! Even experienced users don't always realise just how much free help is available and this email directs you to all of it in one handy place.

Use one or more of these ways to get help and you'll be on your way to adoring Kajabi (almost) as much as me, in no time!

Prefer to watch on video? You can check out 5 of these here:

1. Cash In With Kajabi

If you're on Facebook, be sure to join Cash In With Kajabi, our free helpful Kajabi focused Facebook Group. Not only will you find a treasure trove of info and free training videos, but you can also ask questions and get help from Team Unicorn.

This is also where we run challenges and do other fun stuff to motivate and help you get your course or membership up and running!

During January, I'll be doing lots of live Kajabi training (almost daily) so make sure to turn notifications on, so you don't miss these helpful sessions.


2. Official Kajabi Hero Community

There is also a brilliant Kajabi Facebook Group - Official Kajabi Hero Community, with over 25,000 Kajabi users - it can get a bit busy/crazy, but worth joining to connect with other Kajabi users and ask questions.

If you find your question doesn't get any answers, try posting again at a different time of day or ask in the Cash In With Kajabi group, as our team answers questions daily. It's mostly other users answering in the official Kajabi group.


3. Live Daily Webinars

Did you know Kajabi offers free live webinars on different Kajabi and digital product creation topics Monday to Friday each week? This gives you a chance to learn more about the platform and ask questions to the Kajabi customer support staff who run them.

You can also access past webinar replays if you're keen to see a webinar on a particular topic and don't want to wait for the live version, there is a library of content available to you.


4. Kajabi Assistant

I think the Kajabi Assistant is one of the BEST and also the most under-utilised Kajabi help tools. I often go months without using it, then use it one day and wonder why I don't use it more!

Access it in the top left corner of your screen and from there, not only can you easily navigate around your own Kajabi site, you can quickly access help and tutorials to guide you.


5. Kajabi Help Centre

Once you've used the Kajabi Assistant a few times, you'll likely become familiar with the Kajabi help centre, which is the first place to turn, if you're wanting to learn how to use specific Kajabi features.

(you'll also notice a little question mark ? icon with a circle around them throughout Kajabi itself. Click on these and that will explain what to do and often directs you right to the help you might need.)

You can also access via the Help icon at the bottom of your left-hand menu (under settings), via the Kajabi assistant or just click here.


6. Kajabi University

Kajabi University is available to every Kajabi subscriber and is constantly being updated with new training resources.

You can choose from a range of courses right from total beginner and just starting out, to advanced training in topics like Lead Generation, Facebook Ads, even Business Accounting and Legal.

Over 38 courses are available through Kajabi University and you can take as many of them as you like.


7. Kajabi's Live Chat Support

What do you do if you're stuck and something isn't working as it should? My first point of call is usually the Live Chat Support. This is only available on the Kajabi Growth and Pro plan but it is incredibly helpful as it's available 24/7!

If you're on the basic plan, even upgrading to growth for the first month or two (then going back to basic) is worth it for the live chat. I used live chat hundreds of times in my first few months.

If you're on the basic plan, email support is still helpful, it's just not instant/on demand.


8. The Ultimate Kajabi Resource Vault

Unlock the vault and get access to ALL our Unicorn Advisory free Kajabi resources in one place:

✨ a beautiful Kajabi landing page template pack

✨ expert Kajabi tips guide outlining the things often missed when setting up Kajabi (so you won't do that!)

✨ training library of helpful tutorials

✨ and a full walkthrough of Kajabi's best features, so you can optimise your site like a pro.

Plus get access to exclusive discounts and offers! Click here to unlock the vault.


9. Onboarding call with Kajabi team

Did you know, that when you sign up to Kajabi, you're offered a FREE onboarding/customer support call?

Make sure to look out in your emails in the first few weeks you sign up for your activation call invite (don't just bulk delete all those Kajabi messages you get, so you don't miss your invitation).

Importantly, make sure to use the call and take advantage of the support from Kajabi and get your questions answered - there are not many software companies that offer free 1:1 support to new users!


10. Almost $900 in Kajabi bonus support from #teamunicorn

I saved the best for last!

Did you know that if you sign up to Kajabi through our affiliate link, you'll get a whole lot of EXTRA free support from #teamunicorn worth almost $900 AND an extended 30-day free trial!

We're pretty sure it's the best Kajabi free trial bonus available!

You'll get our popular Kajabi 101 Quick Start course - going through each step of getting a course or membership up and running in 7 days or less. Plus 3 months Unicorn Heroes membership - loads of Kajabi and marketing training to help you set up Kajabi, plus live Q+A calls with me each month to support you

AND you'll get a 1-hour consult with me worth $397 that you can use to pick my Kajabi ninja brain or get marketing/strategy support.

It's the best Kajabi affiliate offer you'll get - we love Kajabi and want to help you make the most of it and it's all FREE when you sign up to Kajabi through us.

PHEW! It's a lot. But awesome right?

Great to know that no matter which way you learn, there is always support for you.

Not just from Kajabi (their amazing support is one of the reasons why I love Kajabi so much) but also from myself and #teamunicorn as well.

We adore Kajabi and our mission is to help you make the most of this amazing and powerful platform that you can use to run your entire online business.   

If you want even more help or 1:1 coaching and support, take a look at all the additional ways we can help you master Kajabi and digital product success!

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