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Count Me In! I'm Ready 🙌

You’ve probably heard the stats...

Even before the pandemic, Online education is one of the fastest growing global industries, heading towards $325 BILLION in the next few years. 

And no doubt you’ve seen people launching online programs and have wondered if you could do that too? Or you could do it even better than the ones you’ve seen? But you feel a bit lost with how to actually create one and where to start?.

Or perhaps you’re a frazzled and burnt out freelancer or coach who loves what you do, but you're frustrated and overwhelmed because you're maxed out with clients and feel like you need 10 more hours each day to be able to help more people grow your business.

Perhaps 2020 changed your business and you want to add a digital product like a course, membership, workshop, template or coaching program, so you other ways to earn money and protect yourself for the future?

Selling digital products means you're no longer trading your time for money working with one person at a time. You can share your knowledge and guidance with many and grow your income exponentially - you really can make money while you sleep!


Creating a course or membership isn’t actually like winning the lottery and watching money fall into your lap, as some of the ads you see on social media make it seem.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme - it takes time and work to get your products created and sell...

BUT, done right,

digital products can:

  • Increase your revenue without increasing your stress and work hours (yay for true scalability!)
  • Can give you the freedom to stop working so damn hard so you can take more naps and spend quality time with the ones you love most
  • Add additional income streams to give more stability and mean that you don’t have all your money producing eggs in one basket!
  • Give you a great way to expand your audience and become seen as an expert in your field

Which all sounds awesome, but here’s the thing...


How do you even make an online course or start a membership?

What software and equipment do you need?

How do you tell people about it?

And how do you get people to buy these glorious digital products you create?


You could become a card carrying member of the “Google University” and spend hours every single day researching, reading blogs, watching videos and bombarding yourself with information that you hope is accurate and up to date.

"Been there, got the t-shirt, don’t recommend"

You could ask your friends and family for advice and get them to help you - your Aunty is a teacher, she should know how to make a course

"No offence, but unless someone in your family is a digital marketing expert and has their own successful online program, they don’t understand how people can make money on the internet, so they might not give you the best advice and may accidentally squash your dreams"

You could buy an online course about how to make an online course?

"Great plan, there are lots out there... But what happens when you’ve got questions months down the track when you need help! Or if the way the instructor recommends selling doesn't gel with you? Or if you discover a membership or group coaching program would suit you better? Then what? 

You could find a business coach to work with you 1:1, they could even take you through the process of setting up and selling a program and personally guide you along the way?

"Excellent idea! But it can be expensive (good coaches will be at least 5 figures) and make sure you check their expertise as business coaches can have different experience that may or may not match your needs."


You could join a program that:

Covers all the bases of foundational knowledge in online/digital marketing. You’ll understand and be talking webinar conversion rates and funnel optimisation like an expert in no time.

Teaches you the what and how of creating a range of digital products and how different products can fit in with YOUR audience, YOUR business and YOUR teaching style

Has in-depth training on many different launch methods so you can work out the best way to launch for YOUR audience YOUR business and YOUR teaching style (seeing a pattern here? It's about YOU)

Lets you in on all the secret hacks, tips, shortcuts and marketing strategies learned after investing more than $25k into almost every major digital marketing program available

"Sue absolutely wants you to succeed so you can create a thriving online business"

"Sue's wealth of knowledge is not only through Kajabi, but she is also an expert in business and this absolutely shines through in her energy and when Sue speaks you can hear her passion and just know you are in good hands. One of the things I love about Sue is that she absolutely wants to see you succeed and create a thriving online business ❤"


Kylie Wall

Kapow Recruitment

It’s all well and good learning all the strategies and tips and tactics, but what matters most is IMPLEMENTING them!

So many students go through courses and programs and get stuck on the implementation, so their program stays a dream, a next week, next month or even next year mission that doesn’t quite happen.


And I say ENOUGH!


The knowledge you need to set up and sell an online program is critically important for your success, but it is just part 1.

You need part 1, 2 and 3 to really make your online digital product business a success!

Foundational Knowledge

To make a great income from a membership or course, you've got to know how to create content that connects with your ideal customer so they are excited about and want to join your offer. Creating is one thing, selling is crucial and it's important not to sell in a sleazy way.

Plus you need to know all the steps to start and run your actual business, set goals, master your mindset, sort your finances, create multiple revenue stream + more.


The place that keeps most aspiring course creators stuck, is knowing what to do when (and then actually doing it!)

That's where accountability becomes your best friend because there is a lot involved with not just creating but also launching a program. Not everyone is able to tick off every due date for their meticulously colour coded tasks (you’re my hero if you are!) We all need help sometimes and a little loving push to make it all happen.

Coaching And Feedback

Having someone to look at the work you’re creating and give you feedback, is probably THE most important and helpful thing to get your program not just launched but SOLD!

You can try to do everything on your own and follow the steps, but how do you know you’ve done it right?

It would be so much easier (not to mention incredibly reassuring) to have experts look over your work and give valuable feedback before you launch.

Hmmm where could you find such a program that covers the knowledge + the coaching and feedback?


Build Your Unicorn Business

aka the business of You

(we like to refer to it as B-You)

B-You Empower is the unique online program designed to bring you the best of all worlds.


Foundational Education in marketing digital products and scaling your growth


Monthly digital marketing workshops and guest expert talks


Weekly coaching, mentoring and support for an entire year!

This is exactly what I need!

The thing is, B-You isn’t about bringing you the latest trick or hack or strategy,

this program was created to teach you the critical fundamentals of creating and marketing a digital product business and help you decide which type of online program YOU should create and which way to sell and launch is best for YOU!

Despite what the guru’s like to tell you, there isn’t one right way or perfect way to create and sell an online program.

There are MANY ways, all of which work differently for each business, each audience and each entrepreneur (ie YOU)

The B-You program gives a comprehensive overview of online marketing fundamentals - think of it like your digital product MBA - so you can then work out the best way to create and market YOUR business, how best suits YOUR personality, YOUR audience and the strategies which are best for YOU.

That cool strategy you see in your stories may work amazingly well for the person who is using the system or method...

BUT each of those systems might not be the right system or method for YOU.

Because the special systems and "exclusive" methods you see advertised all over social media aren’t some hidden secrets, that can only be unlocked by paying someone thousands. You’ll find they are actually based on core fundamentals and marketing principles, then reworked to fit that person's business. Just like I'll teach you to do.

"Sue is incredibly competent. And since those that might read this someday don't know me personally, trust me when I say I don't just say that about someone unless I genuinely mean it. Sue, you've clearly spent the time and paid the dues to learn your craft. I'm continually both impressed and delighted with the insights you share with me and my team across a variety of subjects."

Brian Webb | Whatbox Digital

Take a look at the amazing resources you'll find inside B-You Empower

B-You Academy 

The three stage, 12-week core training program will provide you with a rock-solid start point for your digital business.

Each week, a comprehensive new module will be released, building on the previous week.

You get lifetime access to this training AND all future updates. 

Stage 1: We Start

Weeks 1-4

Any great business needs strong foundations so during the first four weeks, we’re getting the fundamentals down.

Your business name, domain, website + marketing platform. Goal setting, mindset and planning - you need to create the map of where you want to go and how you’ll get there.

This includes a fun workshop to give you loads of ideas for your first digital product that you can create in a weekend.

Stage 2: We Grow

Weeks 5-8

This is where things start to ramp up! To grow you need to start building your email list and decide on your product path, then build it!

Get a complete overview of the different types of digital products from courses to memberships and coaching programs, so you know exactly what fits where for YOUR business.

You’ll plan out your offer model so you have higher and lower priced items. And naturally, look at how to create and structure your content for maximum student engagement.

Stage 3 Scale Time

Weeks 9-12

Show me the money!!! You’ve got your baseline in place, let's blow this thing up and dive deep into sales, marketing, growing your audience, launch models, pricing and more!

We’ll even look at how to get your first team member and a peak into affiliates - both for helping make sales of your programs and promoting other businesses.

We’ve made over $35k just in the last 12 months through affiliate marketing and I’ll share all the secrets so you can bring in more passive income for your business too!

You get lifetime access to B-You Academy, this foundational digital product creation and marketing training - plus all future updates. This ensures you're always informed with the latest knowledge and marketing trends, as things change quickly!

Making it HAPPEN

You’ll have a mentor from the unicorn team check in with you every week to see how you’re going and help you track your progress and goals.

If you need help, we’ll guide you in the right direction. 

Our motto - no unicorns left behind!

After talking to hundreds of aspiring course + membership creators, one of the biggest problems I find is people getting stuck and not completing the work and then not actually creating or launching their programs

Learning is one thing, but implementing everything and doing it, is a whole other challenge.

This is why accountability is baked into this program - we want you to succeed!

This big difference with this program and what makes it even more valuable is the personal mentoring and feedback you’ll get.

Most programs offer some kind of monthly coaching sessions, which is nice, but weekly sessions mean that help is there exactly when YOU need it! It’s the little bit of unicorn magic that takes this program to the next level!

You have an entire TWELVE months of coaching and mentoring there when you need it

PLUS when it comes to selling your program, you’ll not just get Sue looking over your landing pages, emails or course outline in the weekly coaching sessions. Every month we have a specialist conversion copywriter coming in for live copy reviews, so you can give yourself the BEST chance of success.

I Need This - Sign Me Up!

"This investment was worth every penny for me"


"In 2020 I created my first digital course, but I didn't know anything, I could login to Kajabi but that was about it. Now with Sue's teaching, I feel completely empowered... I now feel independent and like I can do this all on my own."

Karen McFarlane-Holman

Science Rockstar Kids

It’s time for you to step into your business with confidence, so you can start making $5k, $10k or MORE each month with your foundations in place and the assurance of mentoring to support your growth.

Just imagine what you could do if…

✔ You have the self-assurance to launch not just one, but multiple digital products?

Price those products profitably, so money starts landing in your account regularly, if not daily!

✔ You actually knew and understood what all the marketing terms mean, so you feel confident when you implementing a PLF launch, webinar or SLO funnels or optimise your landing pages or order bumps for improved conversion 

✔ You’re surrounded by a high-vibe community of others all on the same path and all cheering each other on

✔ You become known as an expert and leader in your industry - the go to person people seek out and recommend to others

✔ You increase your business revenue without the stress and anxiety of taking on more clients

✔ You had the space to brainstorm your goals and dreams with a group that helps you to think bigger?

This is all waiting for you inside B-You Empower

Sounds Amazing, I'm In!

So who is this business coach who'll be helping you build and grow your unicorn business?

In case we haven't met yet... hi, I'm Sue 👋

An online business strategist and Kajabi expert, from Newcastle Australia. I’m the unicorn who finds tech FUN! Yep, I’ll talk your head off about Kajabi, launches, funnels, marketing, and online business until the sun comes up and do it all again at brunch.

This work lights me up, brings me joy, and working with entrepreneurs to create and launch their programs, inspires me beyond belief!

I’ve launched my first online store in 1999 and grew a $3 million a year multinational business out of a dining room table hobby, for which I got many accolades, swanky awards like Business Woman of the Year (and a collection of giant novelty cheques to go with the awards).

However, when it came to launching my first online course it wasn't the success I hoped for. My low 3 figure launch did not exactly live up to my expectations… because I didn’t get the fundamentals right.

We’re living in a whole new world now and the marketing that worked 10 years ago or even 5 years ago doesn’t work now - especially when you're selling information products like online courses.

So I embarked on a journey to take my business and marketing skills into this new space and over the last two years have invested countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars into coaches and training to fill the gaps in my knowledge.

Now, I understand EXACTLY what brings success in this digital environment of 2021.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 20 years in online business + marketing and immersing myself in the world of creating and selling digital content and packaged it into B-You Empower. I live, breathe and even dream about digital marketing and you get my idea soaked brain, working with you on your business for a full 12 months.

You’ll learn a number of different marketing gameplans and techniques - and why they work, but most importantly, you’ll end up with a step-by-step plan mapped out for YOU and YOUR business, so you can scream YESSSSSSS under your breath every time your phone pings with that sweet sweet Stripe notification: You Got a Sale!

I'm Ready For Sales!


Sue and the Unicorn Advisory team are right there when you need them and their frequent contact (not too much!) with golden nuggets of support is invaluable. 

Seriously, breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to figure out the complex structure by yourself.

Poppy & Geoff



A wealth of knowledge, kind, caring, so helpful, and thinks creatively to help you achieve whatever you desire in Kajabi.

I am so grateful to have found her



I just wanted to thank you again Sue McLachlan... your personal guidance and especially the templates you shared have been a HUGE (HUGE) help - I am excited to say I have completed my website in less than a week and I just have the opt-in, email series and webinar left to finish... I'm so happy I found you



It all sounds amazing right? But did we mention you’ll get bonuses too? 🤩

Kajabi 101 Quick Start

In this detailed course, get complete step by step to setting up and selling your first products in our favourite All In One Course Software Kajabi

Unicorn Heroes 

You'll never get stuck on the tech, with 12 months access to Unicorn Heroes, our Kajabi support membership for you and your team.

Email swipe library

We’ve curated this collection of hundreds of emails from some of the best in the business, to give you inspiration and help you work out what to put in your emails.

Website Page Library

Scroll through our website swipe library! This collection of hundreds of the BEST sales pages, checkouts and website pages we’ve seen will inspire you to create magic with your pages. 

Bonus Workshops

Things change fast in this online world, so we'll be regularly bringing you new strategies and ideas with bonus digital marketing workshops. 

Guest Experts

We'll be bringing in guest experts to cover helpful topics like mindset, quizzes, Kajabi sales page design, community management, finances + MORE

The total value of the B-You program, plus coaching, mentoring and bonuses is $21,549

This is B-You Empower!

Your investment to Join B-You Empower

so you can Build Your Unicorn Business

Join B-You Empower Today

$279 per month

12 monthly payments

  • Get the entire 12 module B-You Academy program
  • All B-You Empower Bonuses (see below)
  • 12 Affordable installments, so you can pay monthly
  • Click here to Pay in full and save $567 PLUS get a bonus 90-minute strategy session with Sue with $497

Get VIP Personal Support with B-You Ignite

$897 per month

12 monthly payments

Get everything in B-You  Empower PLUS:

  • WEEKLY email  accountability check in
  • 12 x monthly 90 minute 1:1 strategy call worth $497 each
  • #GSD Day with Sue to set up your Kajabi site/funnel/course (inc 6 hours Tech VA support) (value $1997)
  • 1:1 sales messaging/offer clarity VIP day with Launch Copy Strategist Tracie Patterson from Indie Copy
Lets Do This!

B-You Empower Includes:

  • Comprehensive digital marketing fundamentals training in B-You Academy
  • WEEKLY coaching and mentoring calls for 12 months
  • WEEKLY voxer office hours support for 12 months
  • 12 months access to Unicorn Business Lounge our fun community
  • 12 x Monthly live copy reviews

Plus B-You Empower Bonuses:

  • 6 x Bi Monthly Workshop series
  • 6 x Bi Monthly Guest expert series
  • Weekly Kajabi support office hours 12 months
  • Email swipe library
  • Website and sales page example library
  • Kajabi 101 training to get your product for sale in 7 days or less
  • 12 months Unicorn Heroes Kajabi tech support for you and/or a team member

What if you turned that amazing idea you’ve got into an online course, membership or workshop?

Using what you’ll learn in B-You and implementing just ONE digital program and launching it just once (with our help and encouragement of course), will likely cover far more than the cost of this program… and we’ll be encouraging you to create and launch many times! 

If you sell it for just $97 to 31 people you’ve made $3k!

If you sell it for $297 to 10 people and you’ve made $3k

And if you sell a program for $997... 3 people and it's $3k!

And seriously that is just the beginning! 

Think of what’s possible when you create a digital product you can sell over and over again! In B-You Empower, you’ll not just learn how, but you’ll have a coach by your side for a full 12 months helping you to make it happen.

Lets Do It!

TL:DR? Quick recap

With B-You Empower, in addition to your comprehensive 12 module B-You Academy training program, each month you’ll get:

  • 1 workshop OR guest speaker masterclass
  • 1 live audit session with our conversion copywriter - submit your own work or learn from others
  • Weekly coaching/Q&A sessions
  • Weekly voxer office hours for additional support
  • And a whole lotta inspiration from our beautiful unicorn community

Plus all your bonuses!

  • Email swipe library
  • Website and sales page inspo centre
  • Kajabi 101 quick start course
  • Unicorn Heroes Kajabi support for 12 months!
  • Weekly Kajabi drop in zoom room for expert help in your Kajabi account

This program isn’t one of those courses with thousands of people where you will get lost in the crowd.

B-You Empower is designed to be more intimate and friendly, so you get the support you need.

After all, it’s about creating YOUR unicorn business, the business that suits you.

Say No More, I'm In!


We found Sue when we needed help developing our Kajabi site. I was instantly impressed with her knowledge of kajabi, but even more, I was impressed with her knowlegde of marketing principles and trends behind how to make your business successful. It immediately put me at ease that we were in the right place.



Five reasons why you’ll LOVE B-You Empower


You’ll work with Sue (an award-winning business coach) over 12 months to create an individualised plan for YOUR business. You'll work out exactly which digital program(s) and launch strategies will work for you and your audience, to streamline your marketing

You’ll be surrounded and supported by Sue and the Unicorn team who are committed to your success and will make sure you always know your next steps, we’re here to help you make it happen!

This high impact program gives you direct access to Sue and the team every single week, so you won’t be lost in a sea of thousands of other business owners. This is a high touch program designed to help you move forward with confidence

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm, we show you step by step how to set up your digital home with our FAVOURITE all in one platform Kajabi. We’ll even load an entire template collection into your account if you sign up to Kajabi through us so you’ll have a designer site and student portal to wow your visitors and students. Plus, Sue is a Kajabi expert strategist!

We're going to have fun together! You'll be learning a LOT and implementing a LOT, but naturally you'll need some fun and unicorn lightness along the way 🦄✨

I want to join!

Five reasons why you’ll LOVE B-YOU


You’ll work 1:1 with Sue (an award-winning business coach) to create an individualised plan for YOUR business. Together you’ll work out exactly which digital program will work for you and your audience

You’ll be surrounded and supported by Sue and the Unicorn team who are committed to your success and will make sure you always know your next steps, we’re here to help you make it happen!

The six-week high impact group program is deliberately kept small, so you won’t be lost in a sea of thousands of other business owners. This is a high touch program designed to help you move forward with confidence

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm, we show you step by step how to set up your digital home with the all in one platform Kajabi. We’ll even load an entire template collection into your account so you’ll have a designer site and student portal to wow your visitors and students

We're going to have fun together! You'll be learning a LOT and implementing a LOT, but you'll need some fun and unicorn lightness along the way 🦄✨

"Sue helped my business immensely. She walked me through what I was able to do, instructed me in how to make the changes I need to make, and have great insight into things I could add to optimize my conversions."

Dr. Danielle Jenkins

"Sue really helped me with her very practical and clear instructions ... Sue also gave me some very sound business advice... her down-to-earth, friendly and generous manner combined with her technical know-how is a winning combination!"

Kam Mei Chak

"Sue helped me gain greater clarity around what i needed to do to set up my online course & program. I am truly grateful for her help, as I don't know what I would have done if i had not found her... if you feel stuck, need guidance and clarity around setting up programs and courses Sue is who you want to support you through it"

Michaela Sparrow

Try B-You Empower with zero risk!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe this hybrid training + coaching + accountability program is the best way to help you take action and make your course or membership dreams a reality and grow and scale your digital business, so B-You Empower is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We want you to feel this is a great investment in your life and business, so we give you a full 30 days to check everything out, come to the coaching sessions and make sure it’s right for you.

If you decide you’re not going to get value out of the program or make your money back from implementing the training, we’ll give you a full refund. No hoops or drama.

Join B-You Now

Still got questions?

You may find your answers here or you can email [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP

Will you join me?

I'm so excited to bring B-You and create this program to give you the best chance of making your digital product business the incredible success it deserves to be.

After working with hundreds of course and membership creators and releasing many digital products of my own, I know how hard it can be to get the courage to put yourself out there, and sell a business of YOU.

I also know the INCREDIBLE sense of pride and joy you feel when you push past the fear and do it anyway.

Having someone on your team who knows this online world inside and out, to be your cheerleader through the amazing and the challenging is what makes this program special and different.

I can't wait to see you inside!

Sue x

"if you are sitting on the fence with this offer... jump off it and join. In just a couple of  weeks she has helped me in so many ways. I now have direction and clarity in my biz in every aspect and I feel like I can finally achieve my goals. She really cares about you and your business and I'm stoked I've found her. Just do won't regret it 😉"

Sharon Chelman | Little River Kitchen

Are you ready to Build Your Unicorn Business -

The Business of YOU? Join now and lets get started

B-You Empower Payment Plan

Just $297 per month

Most Popular Option

  • Get the entire 12 module B-You Academy program
  • All B-You Empower Bonuses
  • 12 Affordable instalments, so you can pay each month
  • Click here to Pay in full and save $567 PLUS get a bonus 60-minute strategy session with Sue with $497
YES! Lets Do It!

B-You Ignite VIP Support

Just $897 per month

Get everything in B-You Empower PLUS:

  • WEEKLY email  accountability check in
  • 12 x monthly 90 minute 1:1 strategy call worth $497 each
  • #GSD Day with Sue to set up your Kajabi site/funnel/course (inc 6 hours Tech VA support) (value $1997)
  • 1:1 sales messaging/offer clarity VIP day with Launch Copy Strategist Tracie Patterson from Indie Copy
I want VIP!