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Get Your Lessons DONE Workshop

Want to get creating course videos off your to-do list in record time, instead of stressing or paying someone a fortune to edit them for you so you can relax, knowing your lessons are finally all done?

With this 90 minute workshop, I’ll walk you through:

  • Getting your slide based course videos recorded, edited and ready to add to your course platform

  • The simple 4 step process from:
    ✨ slides > recording > editing > finished videos ✨
    to make it all so easy, you can even hand it off to a VA (we’ll give you the instructions and checklist for them!). No expensive video editor needed.

  • Quickly creating transcripts, sub-titles and MP3 files for every lesson

Sign up for the workshop and walk away with a complete step by step process to record and edit your lesson videos, so you can quickly and easily create course content with simple and affordable tools.

No more perfectionism holding you back, it's time to feel proud that you’ve got your videos done and making huge progress towards your goals! 

Here’s what we’ll cover inside the workshop:

✅ How to quickly and easily edit your lesson videos that look good (using an ACTUALLY easy to use and affordable tool, called Descript). No more complicated editing software that makes you want to pull your hair out with frustration

✅ How to use inexpensive recording tools (that you may already have on hand) so you don’t need to buy expensive video or audio gear

✅ GET THEM MADE strategies to get you out of perfectionism and into done mode. We’re not making Hollywood style movies here 😉 You can get people to help you with fancy editing and film set production once you hit your first million bucks

✅ My little tricks and hacks like the “pirate” technique to simplify the process for you even more

✅ Optional advanced tips to give more polish and professional feel to your videos (come back to these later if you want to get the basics sorted first)

Bonus training: how to turn your finished videos into a course inside Kajabi, so you can start selling ASAP, including Canva templates for your thumbnail graphics

Bonus training: how to quickly and easily turn your videos into a private podcast in Kajabi or Hello Audio for an enhanced student experience (so your students can listen to lessons or coaching calls on their favourite podcast app!)


If you hate editing videos time to push past that and get them DONE! 

This workshop covers the basics of slide creation, screen recording and easy editing using Descript

You'll be able to streamline the video recording/editing/post-production process and eliminate some tech headaches!

The workshop replay is now available to watch at your convenience, broken up into short easy to watch video lessons. 

Youll get lifetime access to the workshop content and any future updates.