If you're thinking about using Kajabi, but don't want to get stuck trying to figure it all out on your own...

You're invited to unlock the quickest path to Kajabi success so you can turn your brilliant ideas into Income

And have a whole lotta fun doing it!

Please show me the way!

When you're starting out with digital products, everything can feel both exciting AND overwhelming.

There are so many possibilities and amazing things to do 🤩 but everything feels so new and different 😵‍💫

Just like when you're exploring a new country or city!

It can also feel like you need to know EVERYTHING just to be able to get started.

But what if learning a new software tool like Kajabi was more of a fun adventure highlight tour than a "WTF do I do now?!?" stress attack?

Wouldn't it be great to explore this new digital product and Kajabi world with confidence instead of relying on "google university" and hoping the info you find is accurate and up to date?

Imagine how much easier it would be if you knew the most important stops were curated by an expert guide who has helped thousands of other creators like you get started with Kajabi?

You don't need 3 months of immersive software bootcamp to start,

you just need 3 days to hit the highlights, so you can start selling ASAP

Join the Kajabi Tiki Tour and you'll:


1. Tame your tech

So you're in control and know you've got all the important aspects set up correctly.


2. Create your first offer

Choose and validate the ideal digital product offer for you AND your ideal customer


3. Start Selling

Tell your audience about your new offer so you can start making your first sales.

And you'll meet new digital creator friends and have an epic adventure while you give your Kajabi-based business the best possible start!

Sounds great, I'm in!

The Kajabi Tiki Tour is your step by step roadmap to confidently getting your Kajabi system set up and your first products for sale.

Your personal tour guide is here and ready to show you the way.

Would you like to join me on this adventure?


We kick off Monday December 4

Don't worry, this isn't going to be some boring dry software training. On the Kajabi Tiki Tour, we're going to have loads of fun together! Think of this like the concierge of a swanky resort giving you the inside scoop on the places not to miss! 

The Kajabi Tiki Tour stops at the 3 most important stops in Kajabi world* to help you start sellling:

  • Settings City, so you'll have confidence your site is set up correctly
  • The Offer Kingdom, where you'll choose what to sell and set up the tech
  • Showcase Shore, so you can share your offer with the world and start making sales!

Plus you can expand your tour experience with bonus self-guided excursions to AI Island and Funnel Funland, which you can do on your own time. 

*These are not the real names of the Kajabi features, we've made our own Kajabi World adventure map for the tour⬇️



Day 1 | Settings City

The first stop on the tour is nailing the Kajabi basics. Here's your chance to know everything is set up correctly and you understand where to find important information in the World of Kajabi.

By the end of Day 1 you will:

  • have set up your system settings
  • completed your marketing settings
  • connected your payment providers
  • styled your most important website pages
  • know the different ways to get help when you get stuck
  • know where to access your customer info, payments and other important details

Day 2 | The Offer Kingdom

Many options await at the Offer Kingdom, which one will you choose? You'll discover the simplest products to create quickly and how to set them up.

By the end of day 2 you will:

  • have chosen what you'll offer and given that offer an irresistible name
  • decided what price you'll start selling at
  • completed the back-end tech settings of your offer
  • crafted some catchy checkout copy and designed your checkout page
  • tested so you know everything is ready to accept payments
  • written a confirmation email to send to your new customers, so they are excited to hop into their student portal

Day 3 | Showcase Shore

Now your offer is created, let's start sharing it with the world! To get sales, you need to show off what you're created and get your offer in front of your audience.

By the end of day 3 you will:

  • have a plan to drive traffic to your site and get eyes on your offer
  • have an understanding of how to share on social media, emails and directly with customers
  • understand sales funnels so you understand how you can use them to sell your offer(s)
  • created a stand out linkinbio page in Kajabi to add to your social bio

AI Island

No doubt you've heard of Chat GPT and the many AI tools that have exploded in popularity in the last year because they save time and money. You'll discover how you can put AI to work for you.

By the end of this excursion you will:

  • have a list and walked through of my favourite AI tools that can save you time and streamlining your creation and content process
  • discovered to create a course or workshop outline in minutes
  • get ideas on how to improve your email subject lines and website copy
  • be able to quickly turn your existing content into bite size snippets for sharing on social

Funnel Funland

WTF even is a funnel?

As well as a cruise through Funnel Funland to show you what's possible, you'll learn how to create your first simple funnel without any additional software

By the end of the excursion you will:

  • have chosen a free lead magnet to attract leads and grow your audience
  • set up the tech to deliver the lead magnet through a Kajabi funnel
  • crafted a short email series to introduce people to yourself and your business, then invite them to purchase your new offer 
Start The Adventure!

"I was a frazzled mess and ready to throw my computer at a wall before I got in contact with Sue.

She took me through all of my questions step by step and made sure I understood everything I needed to know.

I am truly grateful for her help, as I don't know what I would have done if i had not found her.

Her assistance allowed me to set up each set of my course and navigate kajabi with more confidence."  


All Inclusive

No need to worry about paying for pesky extras, everything you need for your 3 days discovery is included, with some bonus perks!

Guided Tours

Each day you'll explore a new area of Kajabi through guided tech tutorials and important background info. You can watch each of these info sessions on demand on our mobile app or your computer.

Guest Expert Sessions

Tracie Patterson is an Offer and Sales Strategist who helps you craft your offer, nail your messaging and bring more of you into your selling, so it won't feel icky. Join her for offer Q+A and request feedback.


Do you get that sense of satisfaction when you tick done ✅ on a todo- list? You'll get checklists for every step showing what is essential vs optional and you can know you've not missed an important step!

Q+A support

Learning is one thing, but once you start implementing you might need some support and guidance. Join me for a daily live Q+A session, at 8am Sydney time/5pm EST

Student Portal

You'll have access to everything, including replays of the live sessions, in your student portal. That way you can refer back to it in future when you create your next offer.

"I am really glad I signed up! I am just getting started but you have helped me so much already.

I feel so much better knowing I have your advice to guide me.

You have offered things and taught me things I would not have even known to ask!"


Your Kajabi Tour Guide

In case we haven't met, hi 👋 I'm Sue McLachlan, Kajabi Strategist.

I'm excited to be your tour guide for this adventure!

I've been coaching digital entrepreneurs with Kajabi since 2020 and have helped thousands of creators like you navigate the world of Kajabi.

My happy place is sharing Kajabi tips and tricks and helping new Kajabi users make the most of this brilliant software.

You might have guessed it, and yes the theme for this adventure came from my personal passion for travel and going on adventures! Life is way too short not to have fun along the way!

During the Tiki Tour, you'll get to take advantage of my tech nerdery and a laser-sharp marketing strategist mind, while you get your Kajabi site set up.

Choose Your Adventure

Kajabi Tiki Tour Discovery

FREE (with a Kajabi trial)

Next tour begins December 4th

This 3-day adventure is designed to guide you through your first days or weeks on Kajabi and create your first offer, so you can start selling with confidence!

Pair the Tiki Tour with a free trial of Kajabi through us and your ticket will be on the house 🎁

  • 3 days of adventure setting up your all in one business platform
  • Live Q+A and coaching support during Tiki Tour week
  • AIl inclusive bonuses
  • Tech tutorials
  • Checklists

Available for any Kajabi user who has signed up to Kajabi using our affiliate link (now or in the past).
It's our gift to say thanks! 🙏 

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Kajabi Tiki Tour Discovery

$197 USD

Next tour begins December 4th

This 3-day adventure is designed to guide you through your first days using Kajabi and create your first offer, so you can start selling with confidence!

  • 3 days of adventure setting up your all in one business platform
  • Live Q+A and coaching support during Tiki Tour week
  • AIl inclusive bonuses
  • Tech tutorials
  • Checklists

Available for any existing Kajabi user

Confirm My Seat!

I'm a professional musician and dancer who started using Kajabi to create an online dance course that could provide me with income so I didn't have to be on the road so much. 

I looked around a bit before I found Sue's Unicorn Heroes group.

I honestly can't imagine why anyone would sign up for Kajabi with anyone else's affiliate link.

It was like having my own personal support team during the overwhelming time when I was trying to launch my course into the world, and Sue got me past so many road blocks when I didn't know what I was doing

I was even able to use one of the free templates Sue gave me to create mini-course that brought in a quick $2000 when I needed it.

Next Kajabi Tiki Tour starts December 4









Why Kajabi?

Kajabi Helps You Turn Your Knowledge and Ideas into Income, In ONE System ⬇️ 


Learn Anywhere

Your students will love being able to access their content on the go, with the Kajabi mobile app! You can even create your own branded app through Kajabi (for an extra fee) without needing a developer!

Make it Mobile


Host Your Digital Products

From courses, to membership sites, coaching to community, Kajabi's product options give creators ways to diversify their revenue. A delightful student experience reflects the quality of your brand and business.

Discover your options


Payments made easy

Create a seamless buying experience for your customers and increase your income with Kajabi's industry leading checkout tools. Order bumps, upsells, multi-payment options and affiliate marketing tools help you grow your business.

Start Getting Paid!


Premium Email Marketing

Forget paying through the roof as your business grows. Kajabi's plans come with an exceptionally generous subscriber count, so you can utilise the power of email marketing without worrying about the cost.

Create beautiful emails


Use the magic of AI

AI tools are right at your fingertips inside Kajabi. From quickly creating a course outline to crafting an email or sales page headlines. Even split your content into bite size pieces for social media.

Try out the AI Hub


Website, blog + funnels

Say goodbye to web hosting fees and separate funnel platforms, you can do it ALL with Kajabi. Host your website, landing pages funnels and blog with the powerful integrated builder. Comes with a library of beautiful templates. 

See What You Can Do
Start Your FREE 30 day trial now!

Don't waste time juggling multiple software tools as a digital entrepreneur, life is too short!

With Kajabi, you have everything you need in one place. No more frustration with unexpected updates, broken plugins or systems not talking to each other like they're speaking different languages.

Simplify your life with one login and one system to learn.

So you can focus on creating awesome products and growing your business, instead of becoming a coding expert.

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"In 2020 I created my first digital course, but I didn't know anything, I could login to Kajabi but that was about it.

Now with Sue's teaching, I feel completely empowered... I now feel independent and like I can do this all on my own."

Karen McFarlane Holman

Got Questions?

Will you join me on this adventure?

The next Kajabi tiki tour bus leaves on December 4th and I'd love to save you a seat!

We are going to focus on setting up your core aspects of Kajabi
- Creating your first offer for sale
- Learning the simplest funnel to sell your offer
- Ensuring your Kajabi back end is set up right and ready to go

The tour comes with daily lessons with the support + help you need to make this all happen!

I'll even be sharing my favourite free AI tools to help make everything quicker and easier.

Most importantly, I'll be making this fun. Too many business training programs are dry, boring and feel like hard work, lets say no to blurgh! 

Please be sure to pack your sense of adventure, joyful spirit and done is better than perfect mentality, so we can clink champagne glasses in celebration once your offer is up for sale. 

And don't forget to sign up for your FREE 30 day Kajabi trial so your Tiki Tour is on the house.

Cheers, Sue x

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It won't cost you anything extra, but this is why we are able to offer you awesome bonuses like a complimentary Tiki Tour ticket for free 🥰