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...if you could just create your content and never have to worry about Kajabi again, knowing everything is all taken care of...


 This can be your reality, with the surprisingly affordable Unicorn Kajabi Butler service.

Please note: Our Kajabi Butler service has been so popular, we're not able to take any new clients until January (sorry!)

Please sign up to the waitlist to be first in line when we've got availability in January. We're currently training new team members to expand our capacity.

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If you've ever hired through upwork or other freelance websites, you know the challenges.

Sometimes (rarely) you can get lucky and find a unicorn team member. Someone who understands Kajabi AND this course/membership industry and is proactive and does a great job.

But usually, you'll have to spend a LOT of time fishing through the many applications, interviewing and hoping you make a good choice.

Then you need to spend MORE of your valuable time training your new team member (which often makes things feel harder rather than easier). Especially when you're hiring for less than $25 an hour. Sometimes the less you pay, the harder it can be for you. 

WORSE is when your new team member disappears after you've invested so much time into training them or they can't work for days due to internet issues or other problems.

Or worse still!

When you think they know what they are doing, but you later find out they've done everything wrong and left your site a mess, so you have to pay a specialist to fix everything up. Nightmare.


With the Unicorn Kajabi Butler service, you don't need to worry about any of that!


You get your own Kajabi team, without the hassle and stress of hiring and unlimited support!

Yep, 100% UNLIMITED!

You can focus on the fun stuff of building your content and making your courses and let us worry about literally EVERYTHING else!


Our team handles everything, so you don't need to worry about it! You can just sit back and create (or relax if you prefer!) 😍

As a Unicorn VIP, with a Kajabi Butler service, you get unlimited Kajabi VA and tech support.

Plus you get your own personal project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Here are some ideas for things you could get your Kajabi butlers to do for you:

✨ Full Kajabi website, customised to your branding, colours and fonts (you just supply your copy and preferred images)

✨ As many courses and memberships as you can create, set up and customised to your branding

✨ All the funnels you'll ever want or need

✨ Blog posts updated or added to your site

✨ Unlimited website pages added

✨ Transcriptions created for your lessons

✨ email sequences and newsletters loaded in and ready to send - you just write the content

✨ Webinars set up, so you can just show up and present

✨ 5 day challenges set up and created

✨ Troubleshooting: Something not working right on your site, our team will fix it for you (or contact Kajabi support on your behalf)

✨ Anything else you can think of!


Whatever Kajabi work you need, #teamunicorn is here to support you. 

You are our 100% VIP, we will look after you with UNLIMITED Kajabi tasks.

"Sue helped me gain greater clarity around what i needed to do to set up my online course & program. I was a frazzled mess and ready to throw my computer at a wall before I got in contact with Sue. She took me through all of my questions step by step and made sure I understood everything I needed to know. I am truly grateful for her help, as I don't know what I would have done if i had not found her. Her assistance allowed me to set up each set of my course and navigate kajabi with more confidence. 

I highly recommend Sue if you are needing support with using Kajabi. "

Michaela Sparrow

Please note: Our Kajabi Butler service has been so popular, we're not able to take any new clients until October (sorry!)

Please sign up to the waitlist to be first in line when we've got availability in October. We're currently training new team members to expand our capacity.

Get on the waitlist now!

"Sue helped my business immensely. She helped me get the wrinkles out of my first few creations on kajabi. She walked me through what I was able to do, instructed me in how to make the changes I need to make, and have great insight into things I could add to optimize my conversions.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your kajabi site, I think Sue is a great partner to help you along the way."

Dr. Danielle Jenkins

"Sue is a Kajabi expert and is very knowledeable and offered me video call including screen share & help via messages and I received answers when I needed. It’s so nice to be able to jump on a call with someone who is in the same time zone as you!

Thanks so much for your help Sue and reducing my headache around the tech! I highly recommend you speak to Sue if you get stuck trying to figure out anything on Kajabi."

Chika Yamawaki

"I've been using Kajabi for a few months but haven't been using it anywhere near its full potential - in fact I'd become slightly stuck and found its many functions a bit daunting and confusing. Sue really helped me with her very practical and clear instructions, showing me the solutions to a couple of specific problems I'd had as well as talking me through some of the wider functionality of the platform. 

Sue also gave me some very sound business advice on how to make the most of Kajabi, which I'm acting on already. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Sue - her down-to-earth, friendly and generous manner combined with her technical know-how is a winning combination!"


Kam Mei Chak

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