If you’ve already got Kajabi or about to start a trial, now it’s time for you to set up your course or membership and start making some money as soon as possible!


…But, there is a lot to learn and you could be feeling a bit like you want to smash your computer 😖

If you're feeling overwhelmed with tech, the last thing you want to do is...


Spend hours each day searching google for answers feeling frustrated trying to work out how to change your menu or why you can't change your image size


Get bogged down trying to learn everything when you've got a course or membership to make and people to serve, not waste time on tech nightmares!


Get stuck on things you don't know how to do, getting more and more frustrated because you know you're not stupid - but this tech stuff can be so hard!

You want to get your Kajabi site and program up and running fast, without getting to the point you want to throw your computer out the window!

Imagine having your course set up and ready to sell in just 7 days!  

Soon, you could be waking up to...

An inbox full of "someone has signed up to your course" notifications

Students signing up and praising you for how beautiful your program looks

The confidence you can make changes to your website, emails, checkout or program

Time to support your clients without having to worry about your tech

In case we haven't met yet, hey 👋 I’m Sue McLachlan, founder of The Unicorn Advisory 🦄

As an online business strategist and Kajabi expert, I'm the weirdo who finds tech FUN! Yep, I'll talk your head off about Kajabi, marketing and online business until the sun comes up and do it all again at brunch. 

Finding creative solutions to make Kajabi do what you need, or thinking outside the box for alternatives, lights me up and brings me joy. 

I live in the sleepy beachside town of Newcastle in Australia and love working with small business entrepreneurs to help make their businesses shine (and help reduce the tech stress).

I created Kajabi 101 Quick Start and to help you get started in Kajabi QUICKLY, so you can see those payment notifications come rolling in!

Get Kajabi 101 Quick Start Now!

Do you currently have a course or membership idea but aren't sure how to get it online?

If you’re like most who have a genius idea, but have no clue when it comes to tech...

...Kajabi seems like the perfect platform, but it comes with a big price tag and a completely new platform to use.

Imagine for just a moment...

..that you had a step-by-step process for building out EACH of your essential Kajabi website pages...

...imagine you could get your course or membership for sale in 7 days or less...

...You could be making real income in just one week!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because...

it’s here.


Kajabi 101 Quick Start


This course guides you step by step through the important Kajabi foundational steps to get your course or digital product live and for sale! You can then use this guide, again and again, every time you launch or create a new product to make sure you're doing everything correctly.

Complete with 7 detailed modules and almost 80 videos to show you the Kajabi essentials you need to get started & selling fast

✅ Foundations: All the settings & important behind the senes to ensure your site works properly

✅ How to create your digital program - Turning your content into your digital course, Styling your course, the student area and everything else you need to know to get it up and running

✅ How to sell your program with offers and checkouts

✅ How to create your website and ensure a smooth viewer experience

✅ Email Marketing with Kajabi

✅ How to set up and run a Founding Members (Beta) Launch

✅ Growing your email list

and MORE

Get Kajabi 101 Quick Start Now!

Here’s how it works...

In MODULE 1  you will learn all the foundations. Get your settings sorted properly, including your colour pallette. Easily set up your SEO, custom domains, payment integrations and more. We're also going over marketing settings, and adding users to your list! 

In MODULE 2  you will learn what you need to know to create your course or membership. I cover everything from the best kajabi templates to use, customising your student area, your instructor bio and so much more. 

In MODULE 3  get to selling your program. Were covering creating offers, pricing options, tags, and automation. How to get someone onto your list immediately upon purchase. Plus how to make your checkout look better with images, upsells and order bumps. 

In MODULE 4 you're going to create your website, including those common forgotten pages like your library, login, and 404 pages. Learn how to correctly create menus, how to make simple pages, and thank-you pages. Plus other information like using your checkout as a sales page, and privacy & policy pages! 

In MODULE 5  were telling you everything we know about email marketing with Kajabi. I'll teach you how to import contacts, create segments, setting up email sequences, and the difference between an email broadcast and a sequence. Were also covering scheduling emails for the future, and checking your email statistics. 

In MODULE 6  learn how to set up a founding members launch properly.  This is where we put everything together and you'll learn the simplest and most basic way to start selling your program in Kajabi, with a couple of options - depending how simple you'd like to go.

In MODULE 7  we look at list building. If you're wanting to grow your online business, growing your list goes hand in hand with that! Learn how to set up a lead magnet/freebie optin pipeline, so you can collect emails and start nurturing leads.

Get Kajabi 101 Quick Start Now!

Kajabi 101 Quick start is your simple step-by-step video guide series for assembling your Kajabi site correctly and quickly.


Imagine how easy it will be once you figure out how to make Kajabi work so you can get sales, make money and grow your list!