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Sell out your course or program in a fun and profitable way with a challenge launch

We'll show you how to plan, create and launch your own 5-day challenge in Kajabi, to grow your list and sell your digital program

(yes this is a challenge about how to create a challenge - best way to learn! 😊)

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So. You've created a course or online program (and it's very awesome)... but now what? 🤷‍♀️ How do you get sales?

Well, in order to sell your program, you need people to know about you and how the program helps them.

But if you are just starting out or don't have a big list that can be a problem.

How do people find you and get to know you and trust you well enough they want to spend money with you?

And how do you make that happen quickly (ya know, in case you've got bills to pay...)  

One of the best ways to do that is through a 5-day challenge and I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to do that!

Yep, this is a 5-day challenge, showing you how to create your own 5-day challenge in Kajabi!

It's the perfect way to learn, by seeing it all in action - we share everything!

Create your own 5 day challenge in Kajabi to sell out your course, membership or coaching program AND grow your list at the same time.

We'll show you how, step by step!


It just costs $47 for this week of training


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5 days after you start!

It's gonna go like this...

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First, choose your challenge idea and plan your content

So a challenge sounds great, but what do you actually do your challenge? And should it be something to do with your course? How many days and how much to charge for it? We'll go through all this

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Then, create your pages in Kajabi and map everything out

With our help, you'll know exactly what you need to create in Kajabi to make this all come together, no more guess work! From pages to offers to emails, we'll show you how to create the entire funnel

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Finally, fill up your challenge and cash in with Kajabi

This is where the fun starts! Learn strategies and techniques for filling your challenge with excited fans! Learn what to do prior to the challenge, to get them excited and ready to show up each day

I Want To Join The Challenge!

What's included with the challenge?


Five epic days of training covering everything you need to get your challenge set up in Kajabi from idea to launch

Fun Q&A session twice a month, with me, Sue, your friendly Kajabi nerd and business strategist, to get all your questions answered

Examples of everything you need to run your own challenge -  you'll see all the Kajabi pages and checkouts, schedules and more mapped out- we share everything

Email swipes for before and after you run the challenge - we'll give you all our emails for pre-challenge fill up, during the challenge and post-challenge sales period, in a handy swipe file

An awesome community of challenge friends in a private pop up group for fun collaboration and maybe some friendly competition

The opportunity to see exactly how everything is working from the inside, while you're doing the challenge yourself which is SO helpful!

Get All This For JUST $1 😁

What do I get if I upgrade to VIP for $37 extra?


You get everything included in the challenge plus some valuable extra bonus resources to make implementing your challenge in Kajabi even easier

Lifetime access to all the challenge materials, so you can come back and watch anything again and again (for $1 you get access during the challenge period and for a week afterwards)

Kajabi template pages for your challenge registration page and registration thank you page, so you can add load up the templates and your content to make it quicker and easier to get your challenge live

Complete challenge project plan in ClickUp, giving you all the tasks you need to set things up for your challenge step by step in Kajabi. This step by step task list will ensure you don't forget anything.


You'll see the option to upgrade when you register.


This Challenge Is For You If:

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🌟 You've made an amazing course or created a membership, got your first few students, but you're wondering.. now what? 

🌟You want a fun way to launch your program and give your business a big boost

🌟You'd like to seriously grow your email list

🌟You’re sick of wasting time posting like crazy on socials, stalking FB groups and it not translating into sales

🌟You love Kajabi and want to do a challenge, but have no idea how to set it all up so everything runs smoothly and is all connected

Trust Us, We Get It. 

Doing a 5 challenge is an amazing way to launch a program and introduce new people to you and your business... BUT if you've never run a challenge before, it can be hard to know how to put all the pieces together and what to do for maximum impact (and sales!)

This 5 day challenge about setting up your own 5 day challenge changes all that! 

We are going to show you step by step how you can create your own challenge in Kajabi in just 5 days.

Best part is, you get to take a challenge while learning about challenges, so you'll see everything in action, making it so much easier for you to put it all together!


Hey Hey, I'm Sue 👋

your challenge host!

As an online business strategist and Kajabi expert, I'm the weirdo who finds tech FUN! Yep, I'll talk your head off about Kajabi, marketing, launches and online business until the sun comes up and do it all again at brunch. 

Finding creative solutions to make Kajabi do what you need, or thinking outside the box for alternatives, lights me up and brings me joy. 

I live in the small beachside town of Newcastle in Australia and love working with small business entrepreneurs to help reduce the tech stress that can sometimes make you want to throw your computer out the window 😆

I created this challenge to help course + membership creators launch their program in a fun and successful way and I can't wait to help you get your own challenge set up!

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You've got some questions?

That's great, we LOVE questions 😍

OK, I'm In 🙌