Get THE BEST Digital Course Academy 2020 Bonus Offer!

Get THE BEST Digital Course Academy 2020 Bonus Offer!

Do DCA with not one, but THREE coaches by your side!

This AMAZING bonus experience is our gift to you with DCA


Course Creation + Mindset + Tech Support

It's the triple treat and it's all yours when you join DCA through us


Creating an online course can change your world, giving you more time, more impact, more money and more FREEDOM

However. It's not just a case of make a course and you'll become an instant millionaire!

Many who try, fail and are left with their confidence shattered and wondering whether this is for them.

Which is such a shame, as it is COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE!

It is 100% possible to create a thriving online business, when you have the recipe for success.

Amy Porterfield, the online course queen, is a magnetic marketing genius and she shares everything with you, step by step, in Digital Course Academy.

Not just how to create your course (and importantly validate there are people who will pay you for it) but she'll teach you how to market your course, so it sells!

Nothing is sweeter than waking up to stripe and paypal payment notifications in your email!

If you've ever considered starting an online business or expanding your business offerings and stop trading time for money, you may have wondered about creating an online course.

And if you've looked into creating a course, no doubt Amy Porterfield is at the top of your mind!

For good reason, she is the QUEEN of online courses and runs Digital Course Academy (DCA), one of the biggest online programs for creating online courses and digital businesses.

It's time to apply the power of digital course creation, and wave hello to uncapped income potential, with Digital Course Academy!! 


The online education and knowledge industry is booming right now and DCA is here to help you become part of the BOOM!


Since the dreaded c-word hit, the world has gone even more digital than before. Online education WAS set to become a $325 billion industry before, but the numbers of people investing in self-education and online courses exploding, that number could be significantly higher!

If you'd like a piece of the online education pie, let Amy Porterfield help you get your slice, with the detailed, step by step gold of Digital Course Academy.

This is what you'll get inside DCA! (Take a video tour below)



Module 1: The 7 Key Course Decisions

  • Choosing Your Course Topic
  • Getting Clear on Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Selecting Your Course Type
  • Crafting a Stellar Course Name
  • Pricing Your Course
  • Choosing Your Course Content and Strategy
  • Scheduling Your Launch Dates

Module 2: Pre-Selling and Validating Your Course

  • The Course Calls Validation Strategy
  • Social Validation Strategies
  • Declaring Your Course Promise
  • How to Implement a Founding Members Pre-Sell Strategy
  • How to Create a 30-Day Pre-Launch Runway

Module 3: The Art of Outlining Your Course

  • How to Outline Your Course
  • Refining Your Course Outline
  • The PDF Support Strategy

Module 4: The Digital Course Sales Page Blueprint

  • Crafting Your Irresistible Launch Offer
  • The Digital Course Sales Page Blueprint
  • The Behind-the-Scenes Tour of a High Converting Sales Page

Module 5: The Profitable Webinar Framework

  • The Profitable Webinar Framework
  • The Golden Rules for Delivering a Profitable Webinar
  • How to Be a Pro on Your Live Webinars
  • How to Map Out Your Live Webinars
  • The 5 Key Elements of a Successful Webinar Registration Page
  • The 7 Strategies to Boost Webinar Sign-Ups
  • Setting Your Launch Revenue Goal

Module 6: Crafting Your Email Sequences

  • How to Craft Your Webinar Invite Emails
  • How to Craft Your Pre-Webinar Emails
  • How to Craft Your Webinar Replay Emails
  • How to Craft Your Post-Webinar Emails
  • How to Craft Your Post-Webinar Sales Booster Emails
  • How to Craft Your New Customer Onboarding Emails
  • The Live Launch Wrap Up

Module 7: Recording Your Course

  • Choosing Your Recording Strategy
  • The Art of Teaching Inside a Digital Course
  • Recording Tips and Tricks


DCA is the playbook you need. A complete step by step from start to finish, so you create your own online course, so you know EXACTLY what do to.

Amy Porterfield and Digital Course Academy is your ticket to online course success, but do you know what would make it even BETTER?

How about going through DCA with Amy and TWO Business Coaches by your side

(and it won't cost you a cent extra!).

Yvette Mayer from Lit Up and Liberated and Sue McLachlan from The Unicorn Advisory, are both Digital Course Academy 2019 Alumni, who've experienced life changing success since doing DCA.

They have got together to create an epic bonus pack that gives you the opportunity to get hands on support and guidance, to give you the BEST chance at course success.

You'll get access to both a course creation tech ninja (Sue) & globally recognised business/marketing strategist (Yvette) to help you implement Amy's teachings in a fun and intimate way! And we'll have a whole lotta fun along the way!

This isn't another course chucked in on top of Digital Course Academy as a bonus, this is personalised assistance and help, so you can implement what you're learning in DCA. Implementing is the single most important aspect to your success, and we're here, by your side the whole 12 weeks, to help you do just that.



This is simply THE BEST Digital Course Academy Bonus offer there is!

I'm Ready for DCA with Bonuses!

Meet Sue & Yvette Your New Course Creation Besties

Sue McLachlan

Sue is a Kajabi expert, DCA, Tribe and BBD alumni and huge marketing nerd. Since 2016 Sue has been teaching small business owners how to start and run an online business.

Her claim to fame is being named Business Woman of the Year and starting a $3M/year multinational company from a dining room table hobby in 2005. Sue created her first ecommerce website back in 1999, when the Business in a Box software was literally delivered in a Box and she's been online ever since.

Sue's knowledge and experience, along with her insight, creative ideas and ability to explain complicated concepts simply, are incredibly valuable for your business. Sue is the Tech unicorn who'll be by your side, helping get your amazing course launched to the world!

Today Sue runs the Unicorn Advisory, a business designed to make your tech headaches go away!

Want to know a secret?

"Before doing Digital Course Academy, I was TERRIFIED of doing webinars. I knew how powerful they were, but didn't know how to create one let alone present it effectively and so pretty much avoided them after a few dismal failures.

BUT with Amy's detailed webinar training, I went from feeling like I was going to have a heart attack, to be able to jump on and present LIVE with just a few minutes notice.

I enrolled over 70 students into my program through webinars alone and now love doing them!

And that's because I now know exactly what to put in a webinar (down to which slide to put where), to make it a webinar that converts! (critical information I was missing with my previous failed attempts)."

Sue x

Join Us For Our Epic Bonuses

Yvette Mayer

Yvette is an online business coach, with a 30 year corporate global marketing background. Since launching her coaching business in July 2019, she’s grown a biz that’s projected to turn over multiple six figures in 2020. It spans private coaching, digital courses and a high level mastermind.

Despite a slightly intimidating pedigree, she's known to be down to earth, incredibly authentic and generous with her time an energy.

Yvette’s vision and driving force is all about empowering her clients to create lives and businesses that feel #litupandliberated, through her soulful, strategic and savvy approach to success. "having Yvette in my corner making magic happen is amazing!".

Yvette's business has the very creative name of Yvette Mayer, and you can find out more about her, read her testimonials and more via the interwebs!

Want to know a secret?

"Before doing DCA with Amy, I launched my first program and I enrolled……wait for it……NOBODY!  

I’m not one to give up, and instead of thinking this can’t work for me, I decided to go professional. And that’s exactly what led me to enrolling in DCA. By implementing these steps, I’ve since launched 2 courses and one multiple times (successfully!). My students are getting huge wins too! My impact has grown even more than my income. 

But I know you want to know about the $ too. My business has quadrupled and I’ve been able to not only sell $50,000+ in my programs, my 1:1 coaching prices have increased by 240%. Yes, I’ve totally gone pro!"

Yvette x 

So what exactly are these incredible DCA bonuses you'll get?

Glad you asked! Sue and Yvette have designed a bonus offering designed to make your course creation experience as fun and successful as possible!

✅ Hands on support through the entire 12 week DCA program with weekly coaching in our exclusive and intimate community

✅ Tech support and assistance on hand when you need it, no matter which software you're using

✅ If you're using Amy's recommended course software Kajabi, you'll get a complete template pack with all your website pages AND student portal styled to match

✅ Complete Trello course plan, with every step of your launch mapped out

Total bonus value $1995! (but it won't cost you anything extra when you sign up through our link)

By the way, you get all this IN ADDITION to Digital Course Academy and all the amazing DCA Bonuses.

Claim Your Bonuses Now >>

12 week group coaching and weekly office hours

This personalised support and attention will turn your DCA experience from amazing into exceptional! You'll get a weekly group coaching call, to help implement what you're learning from Amy.

Plus weekly office hours for tech support and feedback. Ask questions, submit your content for review and get support from two people who've been exactly where you are and know what it's like!

Value: $1,200

Kajabi Absolute Template Pack

No tech hangups for you when you're using Amy's recommended course software, Kajabi - combined with your absolute template pack. It includes templates for every website page you could imagine - sales page, about, thank you, webinar registration and MORE (16 pages in total!). Plus, you'll get a styled student area to match! Take a look here

This is plug and play at it's best, just pop in your content, change the colours if you like and voila! Kajabi in a flash.

Value: $697

Detailed Step By Step Trello Launch Boards

No need to wonder how you're going to plan out your launch or figure out all the things that need to be done. Use Yvette's pre-planned launch Trello boards, that she uses with all her own and her client's launches!

Forget guessing games, just follow the plan all laid out for you!

Value $100

Get Care and Support

We'll be by your side to help you make everything happen faster and with confidence. The DCA FB group is amazing, but it's huge and sometimes you can feel a bit lost in there, but that will never happen with our cozy group! It's the next best thing to a 1:1 coach!

Not to mention you're getting TWO coaches to help you with marketing, launches, mindset, tech and everything you need.

The implementation sessions we host each week to make sure you #getshitdone are the icing on the cake!

Value: Priceless.

The total value of these DCA bonuses is $1997

and the cost for you is ZERO when you sign up to DCA with our affiliate link

Join Digital Course Academy Now! >>

How Do I Get These $1997 worth of bonuses?

Step 1

Enroll in Digital Course Academy using this link or any of the buttons on this page (look out for the confetti after you join!)

Step 2

Then email your receipt to [email protected] or [email protected] for confirmation

Step 3

Get your bonuses!! We'll be in touch ASAP with full details. Support and group coaching will kick off W/C September 21, when DCA starts

Claim Your FREE bonuses!

Join Digital Course Academy through our affiliate link they are all yours! Just click the button below.

Gimme The Bonuses

Could you be Amy Porterfield's Next Success Story?

"I grew my Instagram to 25,000 followers in a year, and made $26,000 in my first launch!"

I learned from Amy that your lead magnet should set up a need for your course, so I created a quiz called, “What type of diet is best for your PCOS?” and I was getting 100 to 200 people a day signing up for it! With my first launch I made over $26,000!! It felt absolutely amazing to completely surpass what I thought I would do on the first launch.


Melissa Groves Azzaro, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

“My first proper launch ‘The Amy Way’ brought in $23,000 with only 700 people on my list!"

She really helped me build a business that I can scale with online courses. If I hadn’t learned so much from her I wouldn’t be able to teach others how to do what I’m doing now. There’s lots of information in the program, and it’s good to know it’s there when I need it. What Amy taught during Covid about how to step up as a leader and how to continue running your business during a time of crisis was so special. That made a big difference for me, knowing I had a place to go for support in this emergency.


Amel Derragui, Business & Marketing Coach

“Thanks to following the exact steps Amy teaches, I exceeded my goals despite the pandemic."

I think what was really great about Digital Course Academy is that it not only helped you with figuring out how to create a course and create a great experience for your students, but also how to market and sell the program. Because I think a lot of us would agree that you could have the very best program in the entire world, but if you don't know how to sell it, it will not go anywhere. 


Darcie Milfeld, Financial Coach 

“In 2.5 weeks, I went from having nothing—no course, no product—to welcoming 122 members and generating over $42,000 AUD!!”

I remember starting my interior design blog on the side 6 years ago because I was unhappy at my job and questioned if I could do something different. Twenty people ended up reaching out. Enter Amy and Digital Course Academy®️. I quickly put up a sales page with an early bird offer and immediately started getting sales before the course even existed! And the sales kept flowing in from there.


Clare Le Roy, Educator & Interior Designer

Read More DCA Testimonials Here >>>

A personal invitation from Sue & Yvette...

This time last year, we were YOU!

Shaky foundations, a passion for entrepreneurship, combined with a tonne of fear.......asking the question, could this really work for me?

wondering whether course creation was a viable way to increase our income and impact.

Want to know something kinda crazy cool?

In the 12 months since investing into course creation 'pro' style, we've grown individual businesses, over and over again. I'm talking quadruple style.

We're not special. It wasn't all easy. And yet, in our ways, we rode the highs and lows, met the challenges and have ultimately thrived.

Now we've teamed up, to share the things we didn't learn in any course. The success factors beyond learning course creation itself.

And you my friend are in exactly the right place to gain the extra knowledge to catapult you.

We can't wait to help you uncap your income and create your own online course!

See you on the inside!

Sue & Yvette

Got Q's? We've got A's!

Stop thinking about creating a course and dreaming of the freedom and income potential.

With not one, but THREE incredible coaches by your side, it's time to DO IT!

Oh YEAH! I'm in! >>
Sue and Yvette are both proud partners of Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy Program. If you enroll through any links on this page, we will receive a commission which is how we can provide you with these incredible extra bonuses to make your experience even better!
As entrepreneurs who strongly believe in ethics and integrity in business, we only promote people and programs we stand behind 100% and know will help you create real results in your business. We know this, as we've both been through Digital Course Academy ourselves and have experienced success from the program.