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Join me for a week of Kajabi exploration to discover how you can make the most of Kajabi's new features designed to help you save time and make more money!
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Kajabi just keeps getting better and BETTER! 

It feels like almost every week there are new and brilliant features on the Kajabi platform:

🔥 awesome AI tools like AMA and Creator Studio to speed up your content creation process 

🔥 teaching assistant + lead gen bots, to save you time and improve your customer's experience

🔥 your own branded app (without having to write a single line of code or hire a developer)

🔥 continually improving checkout features that enable pop up checkouts on your landing page and seamless tax integration for payments

🔥 gamified course templates, to incentivise students to complete their lessons, with fun badges

🔥 the continual improvements to Kajabi Communities, putting it on par with the best community software available (it's now so good, we are saying goodbye to Facebook groups for good!)

All this, and much more, is in addition to Kajabi's unparalleled online course platform + website builder + payment processor + email marketing software.

I've been a big time Kajabi fangurl for years, but right now, I'm more hyped than an 18 year old at their first Taylor Swift show 👩‍🎤

Are you not yet using Kajabi, but curious to explore the platform and experience what it would be like for your students?

Are you already using Kajabi and want to experience these awesome new features like the app, to see if you want to use them?

Are you brand new to Kajabi and would love some personal help and support to start using it more effectively?

Join me for Cash In With Kajabi open week as we showcase Kajabi's fantastic new features (and our awesome support!)

  • Take part in fun daily activities and live training sessions exploring the new Kajabi features, so you can get ideas on how to implement them on your own Kajabi site
  • Experiencing the Gamiflix + Lockable page templates in action to see how to use the gamification/badges feature and how to sell more products without upgrading your Kajabi plan
  • Get all your burning membership, course and Kajabi questions answered on daily live Q&A calls, so you can use Kajabi with confidence and have an expert look over your site
  • Collaborative idea brainstorming session
  • Bonus live implementation sessions - we'll build a lead magnet funnel and simple offer together!
  • And some additional fun surprises!

Monday 10th June

Explore Kajabi Communities. A LOT has changed since Kajabi launched communities 18 months ago and you're going to discover why it's the best community option for Kajabi creators.

Tuesday 11th June

Discover the magic of Creator.io and how you can use Kajabi's own AI bots on your site, for lead generation, customer service and as a helpful teaching assistant right inside your course!

Wednesday 12th June

Unlock an exclusive free Kajabi template pack during this total template discovery tour. See Kajabi funnel + product templates like Gamify in action. See how to easily create a beautiful site!

Thursday 13th June

Checkout feature showcase AND extended Q+A time! Get Kajabi strategy coaching and support, I'll personally answer all your Kajabi questions live

Friday 14th June

Kajabi's branded app enables you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Experience the branded app as a customer, to know if it's right for you

Think of it like a college open week – we’ll be showcasing what Kajabi and The Unicorn Advisory has to offer so you can decide if Kajabi and/or our support is right for you.  And you’ll walk away with genuinely helpful resources, inspiration and ideas for your Kajabi site, for free!


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I've helped thousands of Kajabi creators figure out the tech of launching digital products like courses with Kajabi so they can make more money online. I do it all while living my dream life travelling the world as a digital nomad.

With over 20 years of experience selling online, a nerd-level love for tech, and laser sharp marketing mind, I'm here to help you create and run the online business that helps make your dreams a reality. 

Cash In With Kajabi week is a chance for me to share some of my favourite Kajabi resources. Plus it allows you to experience Kajabi and many of the new features from a student's perspective, giving you ideas and inspiration for your own Kajabi site.

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